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  1. I have never gotten a positive impression of Frank Martin, just have gotten the impression that he is a jerk, although it could be that his intensity is so overpowering during games. I don’t know exactly. But I have to give the man his due after watching several SC games this year (isn’t it great to be interested in watching other teams again because it may impact us?), he has battled the swine flu and some personal tragedies and miserable play from his team with a high level of class. Keep it up, Coach, you may earn my total respect!

  2. How will Coach Muss get the attention of the Piggies about slacking off on passing in the second half last night? I mean, we had 305 passes in the game, but only 151 after intermission. Some discipline is needed!

Scored more points with 4 less passes in 2nd half.
Must have taken some shots too quick.

For some reason, I suspect that both of the above comments were “tongue in cheek”, but would some of you who are more knowledgeable in the game than me (probably any one of you) care to comment on the possibility (and I don’t have the numbers that you are good at acquiring) that the many passes in the first half led to open threes which then set up better driving lanes in the second half which resulted in more points on (a very few) less passes?

It looked to me like the Chickens played less zone in the second half which opened up more driving opportunities. But we still had 151 passes. The goal is 100 passes per half. Blew that goal out of the water.

The hog passing comment was definitely t-i-c, just a knee jerk reaction to Coach’s post-game comment that we had 354 passes, with 154 of them in the first half.

But, I am serious about FM. In case you have not seen it, there is a more in-depth thread, started by mdhog, titled Frank Martin’s Body Language that provides other views and info

Yea I was just trying to follow suit with my own t-i-c reply.
But seriously the other thread is more in depth from observations on what SC was trying to do defensively. Pretty spot on to.
Muss said he wants 200 passes a game, so gets over 300 passes (which ha says he hasn’t ever seen before anywhere), on top of that over 100 points. Balanced scoring each half against the zone and man defenses. I’d say that’s pretty efficient.

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