Extreme cold on the way

Nothing better than a furry little bastard sleeping peacefully next to you on a cold night.


He farted and it’s GD awful. He did it of course on my pillow with a white pillowcase cover

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No dogs, but I share my bed with two cats. Or, more accurately, they share it with me. They have their spots and I have to kind of wrap around them. Or the claws literally come out, which is not fun at 3 a.m. They’ve been particularly cuddly since it’s been in the 30s overnight in SENC (and my apartment thermostat isn’t working properly; called maintenance twice). Glad I have that space heater in my bedroom, plus the two tiny space heaters on the bed.

We are super excited for our “COLD” Christmas coming up her in South FL with highs in the mid 50s!!! :grin:

It really is gonna be nice. I despise hot xmas.

I agree. Nothing worse than waking up the morning of Christmas, walking outside and it’s 70 degrees…unless you’re in Hawaii or the Caribbean. :beach_umbrella:

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My thermostat was messed up in my apartment couple of weeks ago,they came out and just replaced it with a brand new one. Makes a big difference that’s for sure

This past January I drove back to Fayetteville. It was cold, but no ice. I went thru the Tunnel and on the other side all the trees were icy and white with snow. Weird.

Going golfing this afternoon. Forecast of sunny skies with a high of 81.
UA…Campus of Champions


I have now drifted away from golf. Lots of low water to fly fish last 5 months. The previous four years have been full lakes and heavy generation. If I get to pick fly fishing or golf, I pick fly fishing. It’s not close.

If I could take automatic 2-putt rules, I might play more golf. I don’t have the yips but I don’t putt like I once did.

Have fun Guy. There are few places better than your location.

Sounds good. I have the week off from work next week and the weather outlook is favorable – highs in the 60s, slight chance of rain. I may get a few (dozen) holes in.

I like a warm Christmas Day. It was real warm here last year (we wore shorts to my in-laws’ house) so I was able to get outside with the kids and play with a lot of their new toys. I can remember another time about five or six years ago playing basketball for a couple of hours on Christmas.

My mom spent several years of her childhood in Corpus Christi. She said they often went to the beach on Christmas.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love nice weather. But we can wear shorts 80% of the time around Fayetteville so having a few weeks of cold / snow is ok with me. Hot chocolate, a snow ball fight, build a snowman and wear your new jacket you got for Christmas!

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70 isn’t to bad imo but it seems like the last couple/few years it’s been 80s and a little muggy for way too long down here. I love the “winters” down here but too much is too much and just angers me at times so this is gonna be great.

I’ve been playing two or three times a week now for several months finally got my game in pretty good shape but the first 3 months of every year are dedicated on getting myself in good shape.

Knock a little bit of fluff off my stuff lol since I haven’t been working out like I did for so long. I will pick right back up again in the spring when I will be much leaner and stronger… I have really enjoyed getting back out there with old friends and making new ones.

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These cold snaps are good for killing unwanted animals such as imported snakes, imported lizards, and nutria.



My 60 lb Vizsla squeezes me to the edge of my king-sized bed every night. Haven’t figured out if she is super cuddly or just wants the whole bed to herself.


Thermostat fixed this afternoon. I think.

A big dog radiator is a thermostat- HOT

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Where bout in SEMO?

Dexter. Work for the railroad, so I’ll be in a hotel hopefully for the worse part coming through.

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