Extreme cold on the way

Check out these graphics from the National Weather Service office in Tulsa about what is in store for our area this week.

And I’ll be in south East Missouri Thurs/Friday. :cold_face:

Live in the northern end of Missouri expecting a high of -1 on Friday. WPS

Will build a fire for a couple of nights. I am not saying I love cold weather but I do try to brace and embrace it.


The back porch is all loaded up with wood. More at the cabin if I have to make a trip. Thankful the extreme cold will likely dry out the air enough we’ll get little precipitation.

I’m half considering firing up the smoker just so I can see what the guys on my smoker forum deal with in the north. Bragging rights.

Even down here in Pansy, AR the forecast is a low of 5 degrees!

I’m thinking that the puppy will join Colt and me on the bed. He has slept there a few times, but not regularly. If I had a third dog, it would be there too.

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We had Becca’s lab for two nights while she went duck hunting with her husband. Both labs were on the bed. One night there was a dog’s head on my pillow when I came to bed. I guess Becca/Kristopher allow that. I am hopeful our lab realizes her spot is still on the foot of our bed.


Mr. Bojangles is already sleeping in our bed right now. He will rotate sleeping against me and Suzi at night. Obviously, he’s in charge.


Rosie is in charge here whether we like it or not.


When I get ready to get in bed, I make Colt get off. Then once I’m set, he is allowed up. Otherwise he is true to his German Shorthaired Pointer nature and pushes me into about 1/8 of my double bed.


I hate cold weather. The Fayetteville climate is a mountain climate which is pretty different from the climate of Southeast Arkansas. I went to school up here 50 years ago and moved back to Fayetteville 4 years ago. i still have not gotten used to the colder weather up here.

I love the weather up here!!! It seems like it’s 5-10 degrees cooler here in the summer than in central Arkansas and maybe more in the winter. I’d live in the mountain west if I could!

Some poster on here back during FB season was saying the climate/weather in Jackson, MS is the same as Fayetteville

Slight correction, they were referring to Oxford, MS.

Temp always drops about 5 degrees when you go north through Bobby Hopper Tunnel.

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I recall a couple of times driving through the tunnel when there was nothing on the ground on the south side… and then upon exiting on the north side, the ground was covered in snow. Like entering a totally different world. Pretty cool!

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Going to be 16 here in south Mississippi Thursday night which is very unusual… wind chill about 0 I think.

That’s why I made me a double pot of chili the other day… Bring It on!!


I moved back to Arkansas to get away from the bitter cold winter weather of Indiana & Ohio. I HATE snow and cold weather! In February 2019 there was a day in Central Indiana where the weatherman said “if you go outside today, you will get instant frostbite.” With windchill it was minus 45 degrees that day. You can feel the cold air pouring into your dwelling when it’s that cold.

I lost the battle 12yrs ago with Baxter in my bed. The furry little bastard has his head on my pillows now, and ive thrown in the towell on trying to get him to quit licking them or putting his butt on them. He’s an evil 33LB wired haired terrior mix, but I love him as much as I love my Hogs!


Coming in here tomorrow afternoon. I have a trip out to E CO tomorrow. Will be driving back tomorrow night. Just the way it is and that will be 15 - 25 below with wind chill 50 below and some snow. Frost bite in that in about 10 min. I have already been in that once this year outside of Calgary, AB in early Nov. Even the Canadians said it was cold.

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