Extended netting

Arkansas is going to extend the protective netting to the outer edge of both dugouts before next season. It currently ends at the inner edge of the dugouts, providing an unobstructed view for anyone sitting behind the dugouts and down the foul lines. There have been several instances of fans getting hurt by line drives in recent years, so this is a precautionary move. There is also some thought that the NCAA will mandate extended netting in the future.

What about the Diamond Dolls?

There are screens in front of the Diamond Dolls when they are on the field.

The RBI girls will still be able to dance on top of the dugouts if the nets are aligned with the current netting. You should be able to see the netting in the following image. An extension would put the netting at the front of the dugout roof.

Great idea. There are too many instances of people socializing (and that’s a great part of baseball) and not following closely what is happening at home plate. Getting hit by balls (and bats) is pretty common.