Exploding head alert

Bret Bielema is on this list of potential NFL head coaches.

Get off the ledge

Welp, Jackson will have a new pro team before long :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

No worries. No NFL team in Arkansas and he ain’t going to Dallas.

i hope someone does hire him so Arkansas can quit paying him!


Jerrah could hire Bret Bielema as HC and Chad Morris as OC. Get rid of 2 buyouts at once.:rofl:


Who ever it is they will pay Bielema the minimum so we will have to pay him, if we lose in court

Any NFL head coach is going to make more than BB made here.

Excellent - buyout offset!!

He won’t have to recruit. Who knows what will happen? Would he hire Kurt Anderson and Rory Segrest?


:joy: Good question!

Why would BB going to the NFL HC cause me to go out on a ledge? Really do not care much what he does. I guess it could help money wise as has been pointed out.

Jim it was a joke based on the fact that some of our posters hate Bret Bielema with a passion.

11 conference wins–11 million dollar buyout…

I don’t hate the guy. I think he really wanted to do well here. I wish him luck.

Which beats zero conference wins–10 million dollar buyout

He can go back home & Coach Swine’s Packers

Yep, I guess I see that. I really do not care if he wins a Super Bowl or never wins a NFL game. I personally don’t dislike him. Hate the way he recruited us into this whole. Probably a fun guy to go out with. He can certainly go to Vegas and bring home a pretty lady. What else can he do?

What else can he do?

  1. Get drunk and offend a 5 star, future All American and his family on an official visit resulting in the kid going to Stanford ( Dudley confirmed this).

  2. With his antics alienate one of the best OL coaches/ recruiters in he country to the point he leaves us for a conference rival and replaces him with a do nothing NFL coffee boy.

  3. Due to his antics, he found it difficult to retain staff and was unable to attract quality replacements hurting both recruiting and player development.

  4. Conspire with massage parlor pervert Bob Kraft and cheating Bill Belichek to essentially steal from the Razorback Foundation and its loyal donors by failing to search for a job of similar compensation to his position at the U of A which is a contractual obligation of his employment agreement. As a result, the foundation told him to pound sand- kudos Scott Varaday.

Shall I go on?!?

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Yes, Jackson, please go on, your list is very entertaining and spot on!


Dude, your head is exploding…