Explanation on no hold calls by tcu wr

It appeared their wr was holding every hitch/short play they ran. If this is legal this is impossible to defend

Great question. I asked the same question in a thread last night. The “holding” call on our lineman that was called back was because his arm flopped in front of the opposing lineman and had zero affect on slowing him down.

If what the WR were doing was not holding we need to incorporate it into our tricks…

The WR was even still holding after the QB or RB was by the block which is usually a for sure call. This happened several times on the end around runs.

Also there was an orgy of holding by their offensive line, especially the left tackle.

I also felt there was a ton by their tackles and WR. I couldn’t believe three of them that resulted in big plays. Looking forward to closer look later when I re-watch.

Man, I thought it was just me being a homer. I thought the officiating was pretty bad ---- including the push off on Hatcher and early DB contact on Drew Morgan on his TD catch. I read somewhere that somebody on the officiating crew was from the game we got robbed on in the Swamp when they refused to let us beat Tebow ? Surely I am imagining that.

Nope, you read correctly. It was Marc Curles crew. They screwed up an LSU game, then went to Gainesville and screwed the Hogs. That second screw-over got them suspended for a couple of weeks.

The tackles for tcu were holding all night.

I thought the offensive PI on Hatcher was correct. He extended his arms and pushed off. PI for offense starts at the snap and he cannot initiate contact.

Man, how does that happen ? Are they Little 12 ref’s now or was it supposedly an independent crew ? Suspensions and apologies do not count. This doesn’t help OSU, even though I was glad they lost, not fair. Easily could have been us.[attachment=0]Replay crew.JPG[/attachment]

And the holding at the line was the only way they controlled our D line it looked like. The Hatcher play I agree, could have gone either way, but not consistent with what they let TCU get away with. Watch DMorgan’s, catch in the endzone, Or maybe I should go back and watch it, and I am wrong. I thought he fought through illegal contact — but no flag.

I couldn’t believe the officials let the TCU OL get away with hindering the progress of rushers who were between the OL and the ball. Once the defender is past the OL, it ought to be called 100% of the time.