Have not gotten over the butt whipping we took from Butler and their first year Head Coach!! Embarrassed?

How can we get beat by 20 on the boards and anyone think we realistically had a chance to win? ESPN had Butler plus .6 rebounds per game versus opponents… But 20??

20 possessions is a lot. A whole lot. Give 20 extra possessions to my 8 yr old daughter and she could win the game just by cheerleading and playing the starters a lot. You didn’t think their guards were going to cough it up that much, did you?? Butler guards??

Just wondering how you get beat that bad on the boards? Wonder if the Hogs emphasize rebounding in practice?

Fundamentals should come in to play somewhere, shouldn’t they? These questions are not rhetoric.

My friend, who is a former basketball coach, told me we gave up 11 layups or dunks on the half court. What if he exaggerated and it was only 8…OM Goodness.

Then he asked me why we never see MA pick up a dry erase board during timeouts? We can find the answer to that one if we look hard enough into the stat …points after timeout. What is the name of that stat? i want to look up our rating on that one.

Still frustrated but what the heck we are getting what we hired, aren’t we? One and out is good enough, correct? Scotty and TJ need to get us great/superior/NBA one and done type 1st rounders for us to compete at a high level with that preparation and execution.

Well it is obvious that Gafford’s stock went down, but was it his fault. Did you see any HI/LO with Shooter on Ball side actions? Did we get him the ball on time when he was open??

And here is huge question., HUGE…does Gafford improve in this system, if on the outside chance he decides to stay another year?

Last question, do you really think we will be better next year?

Ouch the truth hurts… Mike apologists need to stop trying to convince everyone that Mike is beyond reproach, we should be happy to have him for as long as HE wants to be here, that he is to be worshiped above the Hogs program, and that we should not expect ANYthing better. Mike isn’t getting the job done and all most of us ask is that he improve and stay. Mike lovers are swinging hay makers at anyone that doesn’t bow down to Mike. As long as the Mike apologists keep being dramatic about this then I think plenty of us will continue to take our stand as well. Most of us are level headed and want mike to improve but they are not being level headed at all.

That’s a bunch of really good points,well done! WPS

Just asking a question. Please don’t read into it more than what you probably will. Do you think what he did at UAB and Mizzou were flukes?


Just asking a question. Please don’t read into it more than what you probably will. Do you think what he did at UAB and Mizzou were flukes?

[/quote] based on what I’ve seen the last 7 years? Absolutely!


Yes, rebuilding 3 different programs that were considered dumpster fires is definitely a fluke, CMA has no idea what he’s doing. Everybody knows any half-way decent coach can easily take 3 different programs to the NCAA tournament, that’s why all the good AD’s allow their program to get as low as it can possibly go, then hire a stud coach that turns them into a national powerhouse within a few years because it’s easier to build up a really bad program.

I love these coaching critiques from people who couldn’t tell you what a double dribble is.

Over the last 14 season Mike has made it past the NCAAT round of 32 only ONCE while winning two games in seven years here. We lost BIG to UNC, Houston, LSU, TN, KY, AU, etc just like we did to Butler. The apologists want to convince us that the program is in good shape with Mike after getting blown out by Butler in the first round on the NCAAT which speaks volumes about the apologists. Our new AD knows basketball because he was a college player. I would think he is going to analyze the basketball program without emotional ties to Nolan or Mike. He can look at Mike’s 7 years of Conference rank with no tourney championships: Tied for 4th this year, 3rd last year, Tied for 8th, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 8th in his first year.

We keep hearing how Mike is one of four 15+ season D-1 coaches without a losing season. Of those 4 coaches, Mike also has the fewest NCAAT wins in comparison. I just want Mike to adapt and take us to the next level. The problem is that I don’t think he will adapt and he could be gone in 1-2 years. I keep reading the excuse to keep him is concern about who is going to replace him? The same apologists tell us that Mike has the program in the top 3 of the SEC….but… The Apologists always respond with Heath and Pelphrey as good as we can expect to hire.

That doesn’t fly now. White and Broyles botched it then Nolan’s tanks in the streets exit was a nightmare that put us in a position to have to hire Heath. The experiment with Heath was not a success so we hired Altman who saw the personnel and APR issues and bolted after a cup of coffee on the hill. The knee jerk response was to hire Pelfrey and that failed miserably. Mike has repaired the program to a point that we can hire a good coach IF he doesn’t adapt and take us to the next level.