Explain to me how

We play A&M on a neutral field and damn near pull it out with a 2nd team QB and the previous week against SJS on our home field look like a Jr. High team who Air Force beat by 17 last night. It is coaching and the most obvious is defense! Chavis has got to go at end of season or someone on the defense side of the ball!

Shut up. Our defense looked pretty darn good today.

Bellhog, last week you had a bunch of 17-19 year olds learn a valuable lesson that you must be ready each and every week. Most of the active players are true or redshirt freshmen. Chablis tan same scheme today. Difference is the kids paid attention. Still had some breakdowns and yes there is a talent gap but it is getting closer. Defense keeps games close like this we will win a few.

Disagree, they were plays where receivers were wide open nobody within 5 yards or more!

There was only that i can think of, and that was becausw one of our freshman db’s got confused by the motion.

We are one of the youngest teams in all of college football. Coach is building from the ground up We will start winning a lot of games when these little pigs grow up.

Bellhog not a lot of open receivers today. Got several sacks. These kids are getting better. You are bitching about a 4 point loss where we had a chance to win. Defense also scored a td and an interception. I see youth learning on the job.

Liked the halftime adjustment to shut down that little slant/crossing thing that killed us in the first half.

I can’t explain it and no one else can either.

But there’s a reason that coaches have hated playing freshmen, from the '60’s to now. Broyles to Saban, they would all like to have no frosh playing.

And we have a HUGE number of frosh playing. Maybe that’s it.


It’s pretty simple, if you ask me. Arkansas’ players overlooked San Jose State and were focused today. Going minus-4 in turnovers last week and plus-1 today also made a difference.