Explain the Infield Fly rule?

I called the infield fly rule as home plate umpire in a Pony League game between Conway and Morrilton. The moms from Morrilton screamed at me for 3 innings that the ball was dropped. As a 21 year old college student, I needed the money. But I decided that night that it was not worth the abuse to continue after that season. That night was a big factor. Both coaches told me I was a good umpire. I sure wish the Morrilton coach told his parents that. He did not.

I play in a 50+ “senior” softball league. What once was a certain out because it could be easily caught by a fielder has changed.

The last time it happened our SS tripped over the lip between the infield dirt and outfield grass. The other team howled as the SS lay on his back and the ball landed about 3 feet away.

When you’re in your sixties folks seem to accept your fly being down. But, it’s much better when you’re an outfielder.


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