Experts--What's the problem on defense

Is Chavis’ defense only good if you have vastly superior players at every position? Is Chavis’ defense just too complicated for normal players at the college level? Is it that Chavis’ defense used to work well on less sophisticated offenses, but can easily be overwhelmed with today’s modern variable offenses?
For every (well, certainly almost every) team that we have played for the past two years to have done so well on offense against us, there has to be a (several?) basic flaw(s) somewhere.

What defense?

Yep! My bad–let me rephrase. Why no defense???

Think LSU would take Chavis back?

Speed and Strength

You can’t win the Kentucky Derby with a donkey. We don’t have the horses. However, even if you do have the horses, if they’re blowing assignments, taking bad tackling angles and lining up wrong you’re still going to get gashed. When you have talent deficits AND systemic problems … you give up 640 yards to Moo U.

Well he has coached at Tennessee. LSU, Texas A & M and us that should tell you something!

There’s a reason why he’s now at Arkansas and not one of those other schools

Some of the defense’s problems is on the offense. Yesterday, in the 1st half, our offense was 0-5 on 3rd downs. Defense was on the field over 20 minutes. 2nd half, offense was better while D was tired and still bad. Yes it’s a bad defense compounded by a bad offense. That makes for a very bad team.

Offense hasn’t helped them. At all.

He hasn’t had a plus playmaker at any level, a player who would start for any of the top 3-5 teams in the conference. He has nothing to scheme around.

They may be on the roster but they haven’t had an impact yet.

The defense never gets a lift or spark from our sputtering non existent offense! They are just as tired as we are of watching the offense fail!
You need hope and motivation and in my opinion they have lost hope!
Maybe with KJ or JSJ in the game from the first snap it might be different we will see!
Flush the leadership and decision makers that do the hiring! BOT included.

Army bot is appointed by the governor so they are political appointees and not going anywhere.

At some points in the first 8-9 games 8-9 of the defensive players on the field were First or second year players. Agim and Scotta the exceptions. There is talent but very young and inexperienced. I think that the powers that be know and realize that. Question is are they gonna withstand unrest and let Morris stay the course or make a change? Sometimes what is right is not popular.

You may be right! Freshmen make mistakes and improve. I’m just tired of the beat downs.

I see three main problem areas. I think all three problems have been hurt by Chavis’ style, which he also displayed at A &M: if he is not sure about whether he can trust a player, that player won’t play much. That puts a lot of pressure on your starters, and makes it tougher to build depth.

First, defensive end. We have four true freshmen playing at DE and a couple of those guys have played a lot. All four have talent, all four have the makings of real good football players-all are learning the hard way, and none are physically ready to play heavy reps against SEC defenses. The two seniors(taking out Gerald, who only played in one game)have played their best ball as seniors, but their production through nine games is mediocre given how much they are on the field.

The interior DL is playing too short a rotation. Marshall, Smith and Agim, occasionally supplemented by Nichols, are playing way too many snaps. The freshman Miller was just starting to come on when he got hurt, and the other two freshman DTs we signed, Carter and Enoch Jackson, have played little if at all. The three main guys are good players, especially Sosa, but they are getting more and more worn down.

We. Still. Don’t. Have. Any. Depth. At. Linebacker. That’s on Chavis, pure and simple. Pool and Harris don’t get any rest, and they are under constant pressure to cover up the problems up front. I think it’s been really tough on Harris this year, and he’s been trying to make too many big plays. I have a feeling Harris is going to be like Greenlaw, he’s going to get to the pros and people are going to say “where did he come from, this guy can play”. Pool is having a pretty good year and is setting up to be a star his last two years, but again who plays with him next year, and when do we get some true second teamers.

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The biggest issue on defense that I see is lack of talented, experienced Defensive Ends. Our ends rarely provide a threatening pass rush and we haven’t been able to set the edge defensively to stop the run on the outside or any type of option. It forces the DC to gamble some, send pressure and go to man coverage on back end and teams are exploiting the gambles.

I personally would sell out to stop the run and force them to beat me with the passing game, which opponents have and will to beat us there because of lack of pass rush. A good defense can stop the run, pass and options, but a bad defense has to pick what they are going to stop. Stop the run even if we give up long passes. Make them earn it with lower percentage plays.

Bad blood because of the way he left and the resulting settlement lawsuit. However they were some upset when he left. Additionally, LSU now has a well-respected DC. In his partial defense, I do recall that it took a while for his defense to get properly installed when he first came to LSU. I do not understand enough about football to comment on whether he is still competent or if “the game has left him”.

Got a good friend that’s a big tigger fan. He was telling me that the game was passing Chavis by when he left for aTm.