Expecting two

hoop visitors this weekend.

Connor Vanover will visit Thursday, Friday and leave early Saturday morning.

Waiting to confirm the second.

Davenport Dime Drop!

What position?

What class?

Possibly Khadim Sy. He is visiting LSU tomorrow.

I thought that earlier

I think on another thread, Richard says Sy says he’s not coming this week

Sy DM’d me tonight and said he has not set a date yet with Arkansas

With that Sy news I’m gonna predict it is a grad/reg transfer wing. Prehaps someone we have heard about like Grayer or Lawson, or maybe a new name like Shamiel Stevenson or Isaiah Moss. Moss seems like the perfect EM kinda guy.

Who r Moss or Stevenson?

Stevenson - Nevada Transfer:

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … -stevenson

Moss - Iowa Transfer:

http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basket … saiah-moss

Moss’ shooting percentage and assist to turnover ratio doesn’t exactly excite me.

He was 42% from 3 and around 80% from the line. That’s pretty good.

yeah, but his overall FG% is below 40% and he shoots only about three 3s a game. Maybe he should just camp out at the 3 pt line with Vanover. Lol

Yeah in this day and age it’s all “metrics” and volume shooting. I know Neils Boar could break it down statistically, but his “true FG” is probably good.

If he’s truly 6’5" and shoots less than 40% inside the 3 pt line, he’s either a penetrator that forces shots ala Beard or he has a terrible mid range game.

Thanks for information guys:+1:

As Navy pointed out, his effective % is going to be good. Nearly half of his shots are 3s, and he made 42% of them. He played lots of minutes and started for 3 years. Everything those stats seem to be saying is that he is a very good defender who has a very good 3 point shot. Iowa has been a very good basketball program that is usually noted as a very good defensive team.

Based on every name that has been out there for a grad transfer (I assume he’ll be a grad), Moss might be my favorite. Plus I love Chicago high school basketball players, think Patrick Beverley.

Per the Iowa site, that is correct,

Ya I mean I was just totally speculating on those two names but they would seem to fit hat EM is looking for. Moss would have been a starter on a pre season top 25 team, but seems to want a bigger role. Fran is known for rotating dudes in an out and minutes can be inconsistent. The highlights I’ve seen from Stevenson at Pitt were pretty impressive from his freshman year and has similar build and size of Nevadas Jordan Caroline. For some reason barely played the few games he was on the roster his soph year and then transferred to Nevada. We know EM likes him.

Right now we were playing checkers and Sir Davenport is playing chess. Hopefully we will get the mystery mans name soon.