Expecting to see

Ben Hicks and JSJ tomorrow.

I hope we see some of KJ tomorrow also

I believe there’s only two ways we have no chance at winning tomorrow: 1. Starkel; and 2. Hicks. If we run JSJ or KJ out there every play and hand it off every play, we have a better chance at winning than the two options above. It’s time to move on.

Expecting to see much weeping and gnashing of teeth if this is the case

The good news is the beer station is on the way to my seats. So I grab one for each hand and sit and stare at the band, the fans, the blue sky, the birds, and anything else that I can find peace it watching while I indulge. I occasionally look down to see if there’s a new offense/QB out there. If not, I go back to what I was doing. A beer in each hand has also been known to save my fingers/nails.

Morris’ job is likely in jeopardy, so I think we try our hardest to win this game. If Hicks is playing well as he did at A+M, I don’t think we will see much of JSJ. If Ben performs poorly, then we may see a lot of JSJ.

I can’t believe they continue to play a QB that can’t get the ball into the end zone! No threat to run or throw the deep ball! Enough is enough! Hicks don’t need to be on the field.

CCM is all about winning, and winning only in these Nov games. He’s not going to be into developing any players for next year. He’s of the opinion (mistakenly IMO) that Hicks gives him the best chance to win. It’s just this type of decision making that has his head coaching job in major jeopardy. All IMO.

He should be about winning, because 2-10 again might not give him the chance to play KJ, JSJ or anyone else in 2020.

Of course, it’s all about self-preservation from here on. If he wins these next 2 games, there will be a better chance of seeing more of KJ and SJS in the last 2 games.

His poor decision making these last 2 years are what has him in this position. But, he’s probably going to go down swinging making these same type of decisions on QBs and a few other positions.

Unlike Starkel, who is seeing ghosts, I don’t think Hicks has done anything that he should be benched for heading into this game.

Just because some think JSJ and KJ would give Arkansas a better shot at winning, doesn’t mean it is true.

While I question a lot of Coach Morris’ decisions, I trust he and his staff know which QB gives them the best chance to win.

If they thought it was JSJ or KJ, I would think they would have them in there. I am certain they are playing to win, not to lose and appease anyone who believes they know more than the coaches.

If Hicks plays like he did in the 2nd half of the A&M game we stand a good chance. It’s just that you never know which Hicks is going to show up. The back shoulder pass for a TD against A&M was a thing of beauty… sadly we just haven’t seen that often enough.

Key to this game is picking apart MSU’s beat up, weak secondary. Hicks is best equipped to do that IMO.

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There’s a lot more going on than poor decision making. We’ve gone into the fourth quarter with a chance to win all too often in the last two seasons and didn’t get it done. CCM didn’t get stupid at the end of the third quarter. Players didn’t get it done on the field. SJS. CSU last year. Ole Miss last year. A&M both years. Part of that is lack of talent. Part is not getting them coached in practice to get it done in crunch time. Part of it is players who should know better, like Starkel and Hicks, playing like rookies instead of grad transfers. Part is a defense that can’t get key stops at key times.

“CCM didn’t get stupid JUST at the end of the third quarter.”

fixed that for ya.

And yeah, CCM has really earned trust (with his 4-16 / 0-13 record) that he’s making all great decisions and those losses are all primarily on players not doing their jobs. Geez!

Nobody said he is making all great decisions.

I just trust him and his staff on Hicks/JSJ/KJ because they have seen them in practice and we - as in the media and fans - have not.

How you can say that Hicks doesn’t give them the best chance with certainly is something that I don’t understand.

I would like to see the other two play in doses.

I always chuckle when folks point the biggest fingers of blame towards the 18-22 yr old players and not the multi millionaire responsible for the results.

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What have you seen from this staff that’s earned this trust?

Not Dudley, but they obviously see all of the practices vs. first 20 minutes for the media and zero for others.

Again, numerous people I’ve talked to have said KJ is very inconsistent in practice. The other QBs have been more consistent. I know that’s hard to believe based on QB play this year, but this staff understands what is stake and they’re not ready to play KJ over the others.

I can’t say it with certainty. As you pointed out, I’ve not seen a minute of practice. In my first post in this thread, I used IMO twice.

All I have to go by is history. Hicks hasn’t won an SEC game nor any power 5 game in his career. He hasn’t looked good for a complete game this year. Against Bama, the only qb that scored a td was JSJ.

Like you, I thought Starkel was going to be a very qb for us. Something (5 ints) and or someone have obliterated his confidence.

It just seems to me that a coach who keeps doing the same things with the same personnel and is expecting different results is a little lost in the decision making process.