Expecting the new HC

In CO, you cAn reschedule

Don’t think that’s the case in Arkansas but will double check.

Would a new head coach be announced midweek if that coach had a championship game this weekend? Would a coach want that to happen? Is there any case of a head coach accepting a new job prior to a championship game?

Hope one of the coaching candidates isn’t the defendant .

I went to orientation today and found out I would serve Jan. 8 to April. I requested to be excused because of my job. I should get an answer in a few days.

would be too funny if you caught the CBB case :slight_smile:

That would be classic. :smile:

There shouldn’t be, finished up interviews yesterday.

I want to hear when in heads out to pick up the new HC!

The two guys I think are our most likely candidates are coaching Saturday afternoon (meaning Leach isn’t one). There very well might be a plane bringing him back Sunday morning.

Forgive me Swine, I know kiffin but the other please. I’m so confused!!

Not swine, but he means either Kirby Smart or Dabo Swinney.

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I think the other he’s referring to is Drinkwitz…

Just received word I’ve been excused. The power of the Hogs!!!


Correct. Kirby? Dabo? There ain’t enough red Kool-Aid in the world to get me to believe we have a chance at either one.