Expecting the new HC

to be named at 11am on Wednesday when I report for jury duty.

I get picked when there’s a good chance the coach is announced and all heck breaks loose.


Maybe Dudley should go on vacation. Things seem to break lose every time he does.

Nah that’s just recruits committing, not head coach hires.

RD, you said all heck breaks loose! You think it’s that bad a hire?

just tell the lawyers that the defendant is a no good guilty worthless member of society and you’ll be back on the streets covering the head coach search:grinning::grinning:

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No, just saying when a new coach is hired there’s so much activity on the recruiting side because the staff is basically starting from scratch.

I was hoping that’s what you meant. Thanks RD.

Just tell the judge if he wants any recruiting tidbits, to excuse you.

The last time I was called, I got in. Verbal fight with both lawyers. Neither wanted me and I was out of there

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Sounds good to me, but Clay and my co-workers have been very good to me in that regard.

Like Richard, I am getting ready for one heck of a Dec. and Jan.

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I’m glad you and Richard provide us with the news regarding our hogs! Thank you for your hard work!

Just be one sided and one side won’t pick you

Really think it will happen Wednesday morning?

Might. If not soon afterward while I could be seating on a jury. Not the best timing for me.

Think Kiffin might be the one on trial?

Hope you don’t get a tough case. I did jury duty several days last spring in a oral surgeon malpractice case. It was interesting to say the least. The plaintiff withdrew her suit just before they gave the case to us. Thankfully…

Same. I don’t need to be on jury period right now but will do whatever they tell me to do.

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What the best way to watch the reveal of the new coach?

Any plane tracking today?

Shoot in Ca you can go on line and reschedule no problem . They won’t let you get out of it but if I was in your shoes RD I could reschedule to the “off season”