Expecting Tanner McCalister

To commit to Okla.State during his visit this weekend.

Wouldn’t be a significant loss.

He already decomitted a while back, so the loss is nothing new.

The addition of Bishop off sets that. He is the real deal, many around ashdown think he was the better of the two between him and buster brown.

Disagree. on it not being a significant loss.

He is a great player on both sides of the ball. If he ends up at OSU, that doesn’t change.

Bishop took the place of Hanspard.

If they get Crawford and he plays cornerback, then maybe it’s a push.

But Tanner is a very exciting player and a very nice young man

Each coaching staff should make decisions based off their evaluations not based off of offers, rankings or what have you. I’m a FIRM believer in that and respect each staff’s decision because ultimately you’re judged on the win-loss column.

A new staff usually gets a pass on their decisions to offer or not offer kids. If Coach Morris and his staff are winning, fans will continue to support them and not likely question how they recruit in most cases.

Was McCalister not offered by new staff too?