Expecting Jaylin Williams to

visit Arkansas this weekend.

Thanks RD! I was waiting on this info.

Generally, this seems to be good news…but it appears that - at present - he is still planning to wait until the spring to sign, as per other reports. Of course, with these young men, everything is ‘fluid’, as they say…

Hmmmm…Dudley posted a week or so back he had just had a conversation with Jaylin per DM’s and Jaylin said he was signing early

I wish someone would find out what these kids intentions are about signing early or not. Some boards say they are going to early and some wait til spring. What are the recruits saying?

I originally thought they were waiting until the Spring (all but Davis). Dudley has responded to me with what I posted above. I’ve seen it mentioned on another board, that Moore, Robinson, and Moody are all committing in the next few weeks but none are signing until the Spring (I’m seeing the same thing about Williams, but until Dudley says Jaylin has changed his mind from their original conversation, I’ll say he signs after he commits)

I believe Chris Moore has said he will commit and sign on November 15th

Thanks guys. Hogville has all of them signing late but I don’t know about those guys!


KK - commit Thanksgiving, sign Spring
Moody - commit Sat, sign Spring

Davis - committed, signing early

Moore - commit next week, sign next week
Jaylin - visit, then commit, then sign

Is that what we are tracking as of now (to answer Jerry’s question from earlier)

Now my question, what about Ambrose-Hylton?

Expecting Moore, Williams and Davis to sign early.

Moody and Robinson in the spring unless there’s a change of plans.

Any word on Ambrose?

Is it either/or with Moore and Ambrose?

That is my understanding as well.

We can only report what the kids say and you know that seems to change day by day and interview by interview

I have no inside info, but that would fit with their 2 commit/signing dates. If Moore doesn’t commit to us, then 2 days later, Ambrose could.? Personally, I’d like for us to figure out a way to fit both in.

Jaylin just told me he’ll commit at the beginning of his season and sign in the spring.

There we go, interesting to me several of these kids are committing early, but signing late.

Kick the tires so to speak. See how the season goes.

Could someone explain the reason to sign late after committing? I guess it works both ways. The kid isn’t locked down to the school nor is the school locked in if either decide to change their mind.

This makes Mussleman’s job so much harder. If Moody, KK, Jaylin commit but don’t sign, there will be three scholarships he has to put on hold without knowing for sure. What is he supposed to do? Sign three who want to sign now and hope it all works out? You can take risk with one or maybe two. But three is almost too hard to manage.