Expecting at least

One commitment maybe two tonight.

Gonna be able to select one of your pre-written articles?

Yes, but right now not sure it’s happening tonight. We’ll see.


You’ve got me refreshing the home screen every two minutes!

Sorry. Things don’t always go as fast as you think they might.

No, don’t apologize. I’m like a kid on Christmas Day.

Richard between baseball, Women’s Track, Women’s Basketball and Men’s Basketball it’s been a great day to be a hog. Now I’m waiting on a late Christmas present with a coupe of football recruits! Nothing yet. Still waiting!

It was a very good day. The Feb 23-24 visit days of last year produced 11 of the signees for the 2019 class. I suspect we’ll see something similar for the 2020 class.

Do you think there will be another commitment today?

Wouldn’t rule it out.