Expecting an epic game this weekend...............

…@ Jerry’s World in AT&T Stadium.

  1. Our defensive line is coming on strong. The two dynamic freshmen, Agim and Capps, are pushing Beanum, Wise, Ledbetter, and the other older linemen and they are beginning to provide the necessary rush to allow our secondary to press more often.
  2. Whaley is on the verge of breaking big runs on a frequent basis. This would be a great opportunity for him to arrive on the national scene as a future star in the SEC.
  3. I expect Morgan to stay at punt returner and he will make some big plays once he gets a chance. He is fearless and has the confidence to make the catch and to make people miss him. I look for our punt return average to lead the SEC very soon.
  4. We can kick into the back half of the end zone. Now, let’s do it regularly.
  5. They are finding ways to get the ball in Reed’s hands. Look for them to pump fake the throw into the flat to Morgan where Reed usually blocks and throw it to him deep as he fakes the block and flies down field. They could also draw the safety over to cover him because that is an obvious play call and hit Hatcher streaking into the middle where the safety has vacated. They are throwing those passes into the flat to set up some very big plays and it is time to cash in.

It will be a shootout and I think the Hogs pull this one out in the 4th to continue their streak of late game wins. Hogs win 45-40.

You can count on one thing, maybe not for this game, but at some point…The Aggies will always be Aggies!

You did not say how Allen is going to have time to do all of that against those two Dends with our reshuffled and often pourus right side Oline. That is my big concern in this game. It is all right there in front of them if the right tackle will just bloack a little instead of waving bye as they go by.

I am not as worried about right tackle as I am the left. I think Enos will scheme to have a tight end, fullback, or tailback helping to shore up the right side. I think the game will be won or lost based on how well Skipper holds up against Myles. That will be the key to the game in my humble opinion.

I think that A&M will scheme or slant to take advantage of the right side. We need Walker to help with the RT and block out that side.

You scheme against them because they are at times too aggressive and become undisciplined in their rush. Auburn was able to draw them up field and then gash them with the run. The problem is that Auburn does not have a QB who can be effective throwing the ball. as it was, ATM only out-gained them by 78 yards and ATM only threw for 247 yards.

I expect a lower scoring game. Both defenses are better than last year. If we have our way we will control the game with long scoring drives.

BB does not want a game worse than this

Atmosphere will be electric with all day tailgating

It’s SEC baby and it’s time to beat the AGS

I feel we can run on A&M. We can disrupt their offense too, with their 3 new starters in the middle of their Oline. Trevor Knight is so talented but shakey decision maker.

I just want to thank everyone for an Arkansas Razorback thread. I enjoy those.

Where are Jim Daniels and Bluegrass. I miss their posts.

Jim Daniels is here. He is now using Colorado Hog as his board id. Bluegrass is also along for the ride, using the id Boarbarian.

Jim has posted quite a few times, but Boarbarian not quite as much.

In the first game of the season we showed a screen pass to RW out of the backfield. I expect to see that at least a couple of times against the rush of A$M. We haven’t had that in our playbook for years and I think it was put in just for this occasion.

Auburns’ offense is ugly and their O-line has 3 new starters at both Guards and Center as well. Behind that new Oline, the AU RB Pettway sliced through A&M for 6.2 yds per carry. The A&M run defense still has problems and it may be at LB. Their Front 4 is gonna work us silly at times. One other thing in our favor is A&M has not played anyone like us, yet we have played 3 spread HUNH teams in a row. We have our subbing of personnel down to a mid season level.

<LINK_TEXT text="http://www.espn.com/blog/sec/post//id/ … -vs-auburn">http://www.espn.com/blog/sec/post//id/120812/texas-am-offensive-line-facing-litmus-test-vs-auburn</LINK_TEXT>

They’re both here with different handles. Jim is now Colorado Hog. Bluegrass is now Boarbarian

I found this in the link below, “And while the Aggies are big, they don’t have much experience on their offensive line. Outside of Gennesy, who is in his second season as a starter, the unit is relatively green. The interior line sees a true freshman (left guard Colton Prater), a redshirt freshman (center Erik McCoy) and a true sophomore (right guard Connor Lanfear) in the starting lineup. The right tackle (Jermaine Eluemunor) is a senior, but played primarily guard last season, wasn’t moved to tackle until training camp in August and is playing his first season there at the FBS level (he played tackle in junior college).”

True, and I think the way to beat that is were going have to run at them alot, and I think Dan will do alright, and by that I mean probably get beat a couple of times,I just hope Allen can step up and make the throw. The other monster that they have , he’s going have to be accounted for 90 percent of the time, so I’m sure they will keep a TE and a back to his side to help the RT.

I expect Kody Walker to get a lot of carries this week between the tackles. I hope that we can play him more at FB with RWIII at TB. I would like to see us hand off to the FB enough to make them respect the FB as a ball carrier instead of just a blocker.