Expected win, but still a good one

Now 9-4 in the SEC as is Auburn who beat Tenn tonight. I know a blowout tonight doesn’t mean a thing for the next two games, but UGA just isn’t very good. At least if they are, they sure didn’t show it tonight. Knight has had better games even though he only allowed one run. I’m still concerned about our BP, but our bats are hot right now. I have no idea what UGA’s next pitchers can do, but I assume they started their best tonight.

I don’t think it’s going too far out on a limb to predict a sweep. We might need a sweep to keep up with Auburn. They could sweep TN this weekend. Besides, a sweep for us puts us 1 game ahead of pace to win 20 SEC games this season.

Remember we were also tied with Moo U in the West standings coming into tonight; Moo U starts its series at the Chickens tomorrow. So while we’re battling Allbarn, the Leghumpers could move right past both of us – even though we swept Moo U.

But next week’s series at Auburn will be huge regardless. Auburn goes to Stankville in two weeks.

We will face their best pitcher tonight. They kept him on his Friday night schedule.

Hate that. Maybe Stephan will be sharp tonight.

Stephan will do fine and our lineup will be fine.

We beat Georgia like a team is supposed to beat a lesser team.

a fun game to listen to. I giggled when their pitcher threw it to the backstop on an intentional walk.

I saw talent on the field as I watched Georgia. The pitcher who started the game is a wonderful talent. But he was not polished and neither was the catcher. But, the pitcher tonight is much more polished. The thing about Georgia is that they can find lightning in a bottle for one game. But, the chances are greater that they don’t do it but once every five or six SEC games. You hope it’s not one in your series. They have committed a lot of errors and allowed a lot of unearned runs. I saw gift runs last night. But you may get a game when they don’t gift you anything. Can you beat them then?

Not to mention, I still get a knot in my stomach when we turn to the bullpen.

Earlier in the year, our relief staff was OK, but not “good”. Didn’t bother me that much, as we were still trying to determine “roles” at that time. 6 weeks later, we’re still trying to find the right person for various relief roles, and that’s a problem. We desperately need to find at least one consistent arm in the bullpen. I’m not doubting that we have talent there; but having talent and producing winning results aren’t necessarily synonymous. Hasn’t been for us, so far.

Hitting for average? Check
Hitting for Power? Check +
Starting pitching? Check
Fielding? Check
Bullpen… :?

I think the bullpen roles are going to change this weekend. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh Alberius as the first out and Cannon Chadwick in a setup role. Maybe Dominic Taccolini is the closer.

I also think you might see some younger pitchers like Matt Cronin or Kacey Murphy get some more meaningful innings. They have pitched well when given the chance.