I don’t care who is our coach. So this is not a fire or keep CMA thread.

What I am most concerned about is our standards and expectations of our BB program. It appears to me that they are in a steady decline since the Final Four days with Eddie Sutton and Nolan Richardson.

Just making the Dance as one of the top 68 teams should not be acceptable. Arkansas basketball should be contending for SEC and National titles. Arkansas should be a national team.

We were once a National brand with national TV games. Consistently winning the SWC tournaments and going toe to toe with Kentucky for the SEC title. I fondly remember being on navy deployments and reading national articles about Arkansas BB and it’s home court dominance.

We should maintain those standards and expectations and stop being content with just making the Big Dance. Failing to contend and losing at home should not be acceptable. By us, the players, coaches or AD.


Well said

I agree but after what I’ve seen on the floor just making it to the dance would be a big achievement.