What should be the expectations for the Hoop Hogs this year?


Ceiling: Sweet 16. Moses is a first team all conference player and on the short list for SEC POY. The JUCO guys are as good as advertised. Macon is an upgrade over Bell and Barford makes a push for newcomer of the year in the conference. Anton Beard returns to his play as a freshman. Trey Thompson makes the jump and gives hope to a big year next year. Hannahs adds a midrange game to his skill set.

Floor: NIT. I see no way that this team is worse than last year’s .500 club (which I must say was probably overachieving). Moses is Moses. The JUCO guys show promise, but need a year to adjust to SEC level play. Beard plays like last year’s Beard and Trey doesn’t show much improvement.

I predicted this team to win betwee 20-24 games (prior to the tourney). Most people I have seen make very similar projections. Here is where I differ from most. I think we win 22-23, that is a NCAA Bubble team. 22 may not get us in, and 23 may get us in. I actually think we get in as a high seed in the NIT. Possibly a play in (11 seed) with 23/24 wins. I think, however people are expecting too much. I saw someone say 24 wins and a 3 seed (Won’t happen). Many are sayin FF or bust, well they’re going to be disappointed. I think we will be more in line with you Floor than your ceiling. I do think Beard and Trey will be better (but I also thought Beard played better last year, with the exception of shooting, to me he made better decisions of when to pass and when to shoot, but I know many disagree).

I know this. Mike is very optimistic, for what that is worth. I’ve spoken to him twice in the past month and he really likes his options with this team. Don’t want to put undo expectations on the team but I think we are a tourney team.

Agree with your floor and ceiling. However, Macon may be an upgrade over Bell on the defensive end, but I just don’t see that on the offensive end. Bell led us in three point shooting, shot the ball even better than Dusty. I just don’t see Macon coming close to that. Now, Macon may have a midrange game that makes up for it or puts him over the line, but I need to see that to believe it.

I think Barford is better than Durham. I agree Bell is better offensively than Macon. Dusty is Dusty. I think the combo of Barford and Macon will score the same (maybe more) as the combo of Durham and Bell.

I understand the Bell comparison when it comes to perimeter scoring but only because Bell was a Volume shooter.

Durham only averaged 6pts a game but what he excelled at was setting up his teammate’s to score and if the over seas trip was any indication then Barford is indeed our point guard.

This years team should in fact defeat last yrs team 9 times out of 10 handily simply based on depth alone especially when considering how many minutes of PT Willy Kouassi & Keaton Miles played each game.

Unless we have a run in with a barrage of ACC teams on the upcoming schedule a 24-26 win total is a fair assessment.

Im not going to incorporate a post-season guess because it’s basically the luck of the draw. You may get a underated 6/7 seed 33-3 Drake team vs facing a injury plagued 23 - 8 Big 12 opponent who’s majority of wins were compiled against cream puffs prior to conference play.

No matter the outcome next season only lose 2 while adding some nationally coveted talent that for once can learn from Senior’s/Junior’s instead of being thrust into starting roles out of scoring necessity.

Arkansas hasn’t experienced that since the 90’s and itsa foreign concept to the majority of young fanbase to view a poll with bith the Football & Basketball programs RANKED.

This season could easily signal a permanent return of Arkansas Basketball revelance by National media.

Who in the name of Sam Irwin Hill is predicting a Final Four team?

That is just ridiculous.

This season’s edition is much better than last year’s.

I have no trouble calling this an NCAA team after going to Spain and watching them play.

The second five this year would play the first five last season off its feet.

Dudley, go ahead and put me down for an elite eight prediction. Mike is feeling the pressure and he is feeling optimistic about what he has this year. That is a good combination. Moses is the real deal. Veteran leadership, elite skill, and pro size equals major mama jamba. And he has much better supporting cast than Bobby Portis had. I like our chances this year better than next year even. So why not now? Of course I can’t guarantee anything, but in my humble/expert opinion our squad this year is every bit as good as the last one mike took to the elite eight. Book it.

Macon is a better defensive player than Bell and has a more well-rounded offensive game than Bell.

Of course, Bell did it at the major college level and so far Macon’s success has been on the high school and juco level.

Im with you here. I got a full glass of koolaid and a pitcher on the table next to me.

I definitely think this is an NCAA tournament team. We have all the makings (NBA caliber player, great shooters, guys that can defend, and solid depth at each position).

It’s really hard to predict how far a team will go in the tournament because the tournament is mostly about who you draw. For example our 14-15 team had sweet 16 or better talent, but we ran into a stacked UNC team that would eventually be pre-season ranked #1 and make it NCAA Championship game the following year. Had we got matched up with any of the other 4 seeds, I believe we would have beat them. The good thing about a CMA team is a lot of teams in other conferences haven’t played our play style, so in a 1 game match-up we can catch some teams off guard, so the key is just for us to make it to the tournament.

I think we can finish in the top 4 in SEC … As high as 2.

11 non conf wins
12 conf wins

NCAA tourney - predicting beyond ncaa is pointless … So much depends on the committee, seeding and match ups etc.

Just hoping we don’t have too long of an adjustment period with 8 new faces … 6 of them likely being a large part of the rotation. I think it’s a lot to ask of virtually a new team … They have to make the adjustment quick.

Dusty and Moses have to be huge … Anton has to be poised and better offensively while the “New Kids on The Block” get adjusted. And even tho, he’s counted as a new face, Dustin Thomas’ being here a year already will pay big dividends early.

I say you will be pleasantly surprised, This year’s team has skin in the game something to prove every player the returnees, newbies , JC’s transfers, redshirt transfer, and walk-ons even our coaching staff want to separate theirselves from the pact , and viewed by peers/ media as an elite coach. The 2016 team will raise the bar and set a high benchmark where all teams that follow will be measured by their accomplishments

I recognize that this is spitting in the wind, but time for my twice-yearly diatribe on the same subject (also in August before football season):

Expectations are useless. If we don’t meet them, what are you going to do? Find a new team? (Don’t let the door hit you). Call for the coach’s firing? (Equally useless). Run off the offending players? (APR put that to an end). The only person whose expectations matter in this are Jeff Long’s.

I expect our team to play hard. Granted, that doesn’t always happen, and when it doesn’t I’m not happy. But wins and losses, or tournament runs? Way too many variables. Injuries, illnesses, the December grade report, and just the vagaries of 18- to 22-year-olds who have also other things in their lives besides basketball. Plus we have 32 opponents minimum who also have scholarship athletes. Sometimes they’re just going to play better than we do. We’re just gonna lose a few. Nobody has gone undefeated since 1976 Indiana. That string will continue this year as well.

I do think we’ll be better than last year. Hopefully that is reflected in the W/L record. If not? As they say, stuff happens.

You’re right. It was a dumb post. No use in talking hoops before the season starts. Might as well lock the board for a few more weeks.

I expect a NCAA tournament berth. We were 16-16 last year with no one to play the 4 and very little depth. More depth in the backcourt, more athletic and we went from no options at the 4 to several.

I think we have the potential to be very good and will surprise much of the country.

I agree.

I’ve said that before and was told I was wrong.

You got it, or you don’t. This team might be flexible enough to deal with many different matchups, players and styles. Even the best Portis-Qualls team had no answer for certain matchups. My only questions: whether the Hogs will be able to stop power players, and do they have enough outside shooting.

Wow. Nostradamus. You had a heckuva read on this team.

All I expect at Arkansas is a ncaa tournament team.

Finding a way to make tournaments.

We have had middle of road teams make tournament.

Whatever it takes.

Never saw this team going deep in ncaa because not the talent or discipline on the squad.

But expected it to make tournament and at least add to our total in appearances.

Lose first round ok, but Arkansas should make the tournament.

Now that is in jeopardy.