expectations for tomorrow ?

Seems extremely quiet and vague around our 2nd signing day tomorrow. Would greatly appreciate a summary update of expectations and any general opinion and observation that the recruiting experts could share about our progress, successes, failures, etc…in this process. Thank you.

I expect we will sign a very good, not great, class, which is remarkable considering the state of our program and how little time the new coaches have had here.

I expect a very few people will be very mad about this, and tear into our coaches, AD, etc. some will even be mad at RD and DD, for some odd reason that I’ve never figured out.

Then a larger number of posters will lash back at the complainers, and most threads will be poster-on-poster crime.

That about sums it up.

And I expect to really enjoy our next football season, it just can’t get here fast enough for me!


I think it will be a good class, but certainly not a great one.

The ranking will be lower than usual, but that is in part because of not being able to sign a full class of 25 and also not landing a great number of 4-stars.

Adding DE Dorian Gerald - the nation’s top junior college defensive end - would be a huge get.

• Dorian Gerald, DE- Arkansas, Florida, Louisville, Texas A&M and Ole Miss - Arkansas and Florida had the last two visits - my guess is it is one of those schools

• Caleb Okechukwu, DE - Arkansas, Syracuse or Texas

• Joseph Fouche, S - still feel pretty good about him.

Jaylen Moody, LB, -

• Aaron Brule, OLB-S - felt pretty good, but visited Mississippi State last weekend.

• Andrew Parker, LB - feeling like he will end up at Texas

• Noah Gatlin, OL - will sign with Arkansas

• Treyveon Johnson - Arkansas has moved on

So starved for high rankings and results that I am taking great pride that the University of Arkansas is kicking cans in the recycling rankings. We are number two, not bad for poor little Arkansas. Guess the ESPN conspiracy is finally over!

What about moody DD?

The star ratings have become a joke. A kid is a 2 star or unranked and all of a sudden they are a 3 star once Bama offers! The ones that move the needle this late in the month January or early February is totally ridiculous. The early rankings may mean something.

Moody - I think Arkansas has a good shot

Are you thinking that bama said you can commit after x, y, and z don’t chose us?

Hmm…most think they lose Quay Walker, if so, I think they take Moody.