Expectations for next year

What are the expectations for next that will satisfy the fan base? Just curious about expectations.

Honestly four wins, with one of them being SEC

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Win 4-5 games and be competitive when they do lose. Show significant recruiting improvement each year and I can be patient.

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I personally hope to see our players knocking some asses off on both sides of the ball, if they do that we should win the games we should in year 1 of a total rebuild. It is apparent that the team turned into something other than an SEC team while Morris was at the helm.

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Compete HARD

No Quit

Improvement - better football team in November than September.

Better recruiting - you don’t hire Pittman without the expectation of elevated recruiting.


Play hard and win more than 2 games. I’ll set the bar low.

Mainly my goal is for him to salvage this recruiting class and hire a solid staff.

I also know he will but I’d like to see SEC OL, not 285lb practice dummies getting skull dragged. Please get them all to 310

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No win expectations for me. I just want to see progress and recruiting wins. It’s going to take some time. Beat the teams you are supposed to beat. No San Jose state blunders. There will be some routs until we get some players in here. Be patient.

He needs to keep the SEC level talent we have in house. We have enough recruiting to do without replacing guys who can actually play.

Salvage the December signing period as best we can, work like hell for February and work the transfer portal.

Bring in a staff that can both coach and recruit. With Sam’s connections, shouldn’t be a problem but he still has to do it.

The teams we’re supposed to beat? In 2020 I see 2-3. I’d be happy with four wins, one in the SEC.

Reduce the mental mistakes, lining up wrong, busted coverages, etc. NFL guys bust coverages too but they do it a lot less often.

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Expected 4
Wanted 5

Real expectations:
To be respected.
To recruit well.
To play hard every game.

going to be tough to win more 3-4 at the most, biggest hurdle for him he has to get a QB for us to have any chance bc we dont have one ready for SEC right now.

Stop making the ESPN highlight for the most pathetic play of the week!
Play hard and hit somebody! Improvement on the field. Record isn’t as important as the way they play with heart and toughness!

Win the games you are supposed to and be competitive in the games you are not suppose to be able to win


what Jackson said

Also, as impressive as 51 was as a frosh and 270 pounds, can’t wait to watch him develop with a master of the OL.


I think we need to get 4 wins, but since we’re replacing CSU with Notre Dame, about the best we can expect is 3. We badly need an SEC win. We play MSU at their place the 2nd or 3rd game of the season. If we manage a win there, it will speak well, but I don’t expect it.

Mostly I want all our losses to be close

I expect an extra win or two (3-4). I expect to see football players playing with passion and purpose. I expect the teams who we lose to to need an extra day to recover from the physicality of the game.

For me, Morris didn’t lose the job because of only getting two wins; he lost the job because there really didn’t seem to be a darn thing that improved. Statistics might bear out that we improved in X, but if you watched the games, it just wasn’t there. And there was a lot that seemed to just get worse—starting with qb play and ending with defense.

I get it: we didn’t have Peyton Manning slinging the ball back there. But for every single qb to look underwhelming and lost for what seemed like at least 65% of the snaps, that’s on the coach.

Morris could have kept this job with a 2-10 record if he could have gotten the team to play for him like they did against A&M.

If we’d played the rest of the season like we played against A&M, we wouldn’t have finished 2-10. I think the Kentucky game is when he lost the team.

NO QUIT!! That’s should be the top of everyone’s list.


Expectations for next year: 12-0 - Its always 12-0 but that is just pure hope and wishful thinking not really rooted in reality.

Realistic thoughts on next year: 3 maybe 4 wins with us showing more toughness, fight and improvement as the year goes along. To see hope for the future not just apathy for the situation.

This fix is going to take years. Let me say that again so it sinks in… YEARS to fix. So be the turtle, have a hard shell and resist the angry frustrations that will come up and just know in the end the turtle beats the rabbit.

The one thing we have tons of to give to this team is time. Pittman will need that, Arkansas needs that. Lets make sure we give it.

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