Expectations for first game

I have watched a good bit of the Miami game and just finished watching the first half of the UNC game. Neither game was pretty. Reminded me that every year we are excited about the start of the football season and justifiably so but if you expect a polished team by game one it is an unrealistic expectation. If we look bad against Georgia, it doesn’t mean we are bad or that we can’t get a lot better. And if Georgia doesn’t look like a powerhouse in game 1 I would not be surprised either.

I agree completely. The old “axiom” that the most improvement in Football is from game 1 to game 2 has a real basis, particularly this year.

I didn’t see the game, but people who watched BYU demolish Navy noted that Navy did very little hitting in preseason – and then played like it. We may see a lot of that.


I expect to see stellar effort, grit, straining, hard hitting and outstanding coaching. A team of hungry, angry fighting razorbacks with a never say die attitude. Losing will not be an option with this group of Hogs led by CSP and his staff.

Execution will be a challenge due to lack of Spring practice, new coaching staff and going against the number four team in the country.

But the coaching, fight and effort shall be there. Which is most important to me. Pride will be restored among the players, the staff, the UA and the State of Arkansas.

I am so thrilled to have CSP, Coach Odom and the rest of the staff on the Hill. They could have gone to almost any university but accepted the challenge of returning Arkansas to national prominence. We’re starting at the bottom but I have full confidence in the coaching staff and our players to turn around the Razorback program. And it starts in two weeks.



Realistically, I expect a loss.
Having said that, I’m hoping to see a team that plays harder, smarter and faster than the past several years.
I’m afraid that even with better coaching and players at several positions we just don’t have enough quality depth at this time to take down the Dawgs, but that time is coming!
If somehow we do pull off an upset that would go down as one of the greatest transformations of any football team ever.

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Hard nosed physical execution on every play. Play mean and tough. I expect coaches to bench anyone not willing to play hard and fast. I expect solid if not exceptional special team play.

Don’t expect a W.

But boy what a message that would send.

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I don’t expect us to win unless UGA is hit very hard by covid absences. But like others have said, I expect us to play hard & much better than we have. It’s important for us to have some success this year. We need at least one win very badly. It’s tough to open up with a team that would be among the favorites to get to the playoffs even if every team played this season.

Georgia QB situation could play in our favor. Will it cause Kirby Smart to play extra vanilla on offense who knows.
We may not win but I do expect to see a much more aggressive Hog team on the field.
There will be mistakes made by both teams I’m sure being it’s the first game, let’s just see how it plays out.


Im with LD Hog - I want the Razorbacks to Hit UGA so HArd they dont know what haopened - My hope is every team that plays Arkansas loses the next game after the Razorbacks because they were deminsihed from playong our Hogs

Hit and Hurt them until they give you the Win

Sorry guys, there is no magic formula. But we will be better than last year for many reasons.

Assistant Head Coach Scott Fountain coached against Arkansas many times. He recently said he remembers when teams knew when they played the Hogs they were in for a dogfight.

That’s what we need to get back too.


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