Expectations and Dennis Green

I cannot think of a team in our major sports that has disappointed me more. Preseason expectations were so high.

At some point we are who we think we are. I don’t know if its failure to gel. Injuries played a role. Immaturity plays a role.

Nothing has really changed. We continue to shoot free throws poorly. We cannot keep the ball in front of us on defense often times. We make turnovers that eighth graders don’t make. Tonight we threw the ball away at times in ways that I was dumbfounded.

I don’t see a tournament team right now. I can’t believe we were thinking about going to the final for preseason and we may not make the tournament.

sometimes, you just are what your record says you are

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I agree, i just don’t get the unready to play part. If you can’t get up for games at this point in the season …geez
If you need a coach to get you ready and trick or beg you into being ready to compete then you are in a bad place.

As you say, if you as a team, are still making mistakes and turnovers at an elementary level at this point in the season… I just don’t know what you do with that? It’s stunning.

But they have one great opportunity left to wake up and show up. Muss has to beg better to have them ready I guess.

I am so looking forward to it. I’m still all in for it and the SEC Tourn.

I don’t get it either

but, like you said, one more opportunity to turn it around and possibly salvage the season

Kentucky on Saturday is a MUST WIN game

I get this.
1- pitiful at the feee throw line.
2- they commit turnovers at an alarming rate and don’t know where they are going with the ball when they leave their feet or look to see if the player they are passing to is open
3- show poor effort to rebound and block out
4- foul I’m some of the most ignorant situations known to man. Shot clock expiring is 60 feet from the basket

They find new ways to get beat. Tonight they did it together. I guess that’s good news.
Take experience over talent. Maybe an experience played has a far better basket IQ.

Mark it down they will play about 25 minutes of good ball and the other 15 who in the world can guess.

Agree with all said. What especially troubled me was the apparent lack of leadership last night. Other than Devo on the defensive end (he played hard but not always very smart), we appeared to simply “let go of the rope” around the mid point of the second half. It was if they took the heart right out of us and we had no answer.

Muss has a real mess on his hands at this point in the season. Not sure he can turn this thing around.

Do you think Muss will ever have a senior laden team?

He will always have a lot of seniors because of the portal guys.

I believe the twins, Council, and Graham are all seniors, although the COVID year may allow more eligibility for some.

The twins can come back. So can Graham (UA roster very conveniently lists how many years of eligibility each player has left). RC4 isn’t even listed as a senior; he’s listed as a junior and has two more years if he chooses to use them. Kamani is the only player who can’t come back. WON’T come back is, of course, a whole 'nother thing.

Only player exhausting their eligibility this year is Kamani Johnson. Mitchell twins and Graham are seniors, but have another year to play. Council is only a Junior (but has 2 more years).

Athletic Department website has added years of eligibility remaining (including current year) beside classification on the roster.

Thanks for clarifying

I guess what I was referring to was Tusc’s question of whether we would ever have a Senior heavy team.

While they are not Seniors, my point was that we have players with a lot of playing experience.

My question is whether the phantom players Council was throwing the ball to last night have any eligibility remaining…

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I was looking at experience with Muss ( like Devo) hoping seniority with Muss develops the teamwork that was lacking last night.

Not sure a first year senior in Muss’s system helps that much with teamwork.

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Well the first part of your post I chalked up to bad memory but this statement is what sucked me in. If you think we won’t make the tourney you don’t understand the selection process. Our NET is 14!! 14!!

Really? Look at his last two Elite 8 teams. He did that with upperclassmen. Many seniors. The issue with THIS year’s team is likely the lack of that.

Yes. That’s why I asked-about the future, not the past as you mentioned. We seem to be saying the same thing.

Next year, will there be seasoned ( specifically in Musss style) team members, or will our Fives this year leave and we refill with additional, inexperienced (Muss style of play) Fives? If so, we can look forward to more elite talent that can try to beat opponents by themselves, sans team mates.

his preference is more upper classmen who are solid contributors, so yes, I believe he will have that next year.

Portaling for next season will be fun. He could have to get as many as ten guys. We will see.

Going back to OP, I know I’m spitting in the wind here, but you guys will be much happier if you forget the word “expectations.” Just don’t have any. Take each game, each season as it comes. Expectations only serve to disappoint and frustrate you. Which is not to say that a coach or an AD gets a pass if the program isn’t getting it done, but assess that after the fact, not before.

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