Expect we will see a lot of presses the rest of the season ----

bullying/intimidating style rather than dirty

my mistake

poor choice of words on my part


I would love for the Hogs to start bullying and intimidating again.

Nolan is a genius, and easily would’ve won at least one more national championship if not for the bogus ncaa investigation and the racist crap he had to endure for years. Nolan’s best teams bullied other teams into submission, but he was handicapped with the rules changes, including the hand check rule, that happened in the late 90s. And I agree he still doesn’t get enough credit for how innovative he was in college hoops. Nolan basically made Rick Pitino, Sr. the successful coach he is today. Rick totally copied Nolan’s style of play.


Well said.

Not only did A&M’s press reveal our ballhandling woes, AND force JWill into a ballhandling option, it completely shut down our ball movement. I’m betting that our # of passes were way down from our best offensive performances this year.

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