Expect we will see a lot of presses the rest of the season ----

----- forcing us to use our best two players, Notae and Williams, to get the ball up the court. Those two, when they aren’t in foul trouble, are playing almost every minute of the game. Our other ball hanlders were shaky against the press and no upcoming opponent will fail to note that. One hope for the season is for Lykes to slow down, play smart turnover free ball and quit going beserk trying to beat one on three coverage with his dribble. Hasn’t happened over the half season so far, but Muss is a good coach. Maybe he will get through to him.

Every game is different… we have thought we’d see a lot of zone based on how well we’ve gone against it… teams are pretty much going to do what they are equipped to Do or believe in doing IMO.

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Other teams seem to be defending against Lykes race past the first man by bringing help and closing off his passing lanes inside. He rarely passes back outside, but insists either dribbling through the trees or passing through the plum thicket.


Lykes ain’t gonna change. He is what he is…a “point guard” who doesn’t make anyone better…a black hole that loves, loves to dribble the air out of the ball. Every time he comes in the game, he kills our momentum. I could go on and on, but I won’t. Muss just missed with this kid. Time for him to ride the pine, and see what’s available behind him. He was a one year rental anyway. There are some great point guards in the SEC…unfortunately we don’t appear to have one. We are just gonna have to win with D this year.


shaky is an understatement

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yeah teams aren’t zoning us becuz they know we would kill them on the offensive glass

s carolina tried it. didn’t work.


Yeah and for most teams that’s not their best defense they like to play they’re just throwing it in every now and then to see how it works if teams can’t shoot the ball from outside very well but they will eventually get back to their bread and butter defense

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When we get pressed without Notae on the floor it’s sure looks ugly! Lykes just needs to avoid dribble into a crowd. Which he is pretty good at doing.

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I really miss the way Coach Richardson did things. We had hardly any film work. While other teams were playing 7 on 5 to try to simulate our press, we just focused on doing what we do. Coach didn’t worry about them…they had to worry about us. I know it’s a different time, but what Coach Richardson did would still work. He definitely didn’t stop at a 7 or 8 man rotation. Everybody played, and played hard. That’s why we wore so many teams out. I really, really like Muss, but I don’t think you can win big in the SEC playing 7 guys…especially when one of them is Lykes. JMO.

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Didn’t he do just that last year? Granted, he didn’t have Lykes but… The guy can coach, he’s been very successful in his career in college. I suspect he has a better grip on all this than any of us… let it play out, we were not all that great in January last year and that ended pretty well. They are difficult to watch, I’ll give you that but they just seem to be getting a little bit better every game…

Wow! Just wow.

First, I love Muss and his passion, but he ain’t perfect. I never said he couldn’t coach, but he has 13 players available. He recruited them, why not use them? And if you want to go back to last year’s rotation, who on this team would play over Tate, Smith, and Moody?
C’mon, man. This is a message board, and Muss makes over $4 mil per. Those of us who care have every right to question what we see.

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He’s a Hall of famer for a reason!

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never said not to question Muss… it’s what we do as fans… was just stating my opinion and the fact that he ran a short rotation to the elite 8 last year… No coach uses all 13 players so C’mon man, ease up, it’s all good.

i don’t know if nolan’s way can work anymore…refs call games a lot tighter now

nolan’s guys got away with a lot of dirty, physical stuff back then that gets called a foul now

Mike Anderson still tries to play Nolan’s style at st. john’s

not working out too well

Definitely didn’t mean to come of as hostile, but I would posit that that short rotation burned Moses’ legs out in March last year.

As much as I love Coach A, he will never be Nolan Richardson. Yes, the hand check rules have hurt the style we used to play, but I guarantee Coach Richardson would be just as successful today as he was in the 90’s. He was a genius, and he still doesn’t get enough credit.

don’t disagree with that at all…

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I’d go with physical not dirty style of play.


Big difference.