Expect Froholdt to play in the league for awhile


I wish him well and hope he has a long successful honor enhanced career - like Super Bowl rings and more

Very happy for Froholdt at this point and wish him much success going forward. However, I cannot help but question how the same set of coaches can take a guy who has always played defensive line and turn him into a top offensive lineman in only three years, but cannot field a quality offensive line with others around him from a pool who have played offensive line for many years. Youdaman and other knowledgeable experts on the subject please impart your insight.

Froholdt is a class act. He is smart and works hard. He was always positive despite all the drama going on. His strength and athleticism are good enough that he will probably be in the NFL for a long time… I wish him all the best. WPS

That’s why when John Nabors(?) on the morning rush keeps refferring to the “three terrible OL” that are leaving, it gripes the hell out of me!

The Great Dane will make a lot of money in the NFL… good on him.