Expect a change at 1B this week

Dave Van Horn at the Swatter’s Club today spoke quite a bit about his frustration in the production from Jared Gates and Jordan McFarland in SEC play. He said he may change things up this week and put someone else there. One candidate is Jack Kenley.

He said he has been asked by fans why Evan Lee or Luke Bonfield won’t play there. He said it’s because they are not good fielders.

In talking with Van Horn, two other possibilities at first this week are Hunter Wilson and Heston Kjerstad.

Kjerstad came here as an infielder/outfielder. Van Horn said he likes how Wilson and Kenley have been swinging the bat recently.

Van Horn on making a move at first base:

“It’s just time. Now it has turned into a defensive position for me. If we decide to go back to an offensive position, then maybe somebody else goes there and we put (Bonfield) in the outfield and we can DH Lee. It’s not like there’s panic. It’s frustration more than anything because this is a position that in most cases is going to be a position where guys produce.”

More of what Van Horn said: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … irst-base/

Matt from listening to Coach Van Horns comments to the swatters club he is also looking at Campbell for a shorter start ( pitch count) was what it appeared! He is as frustrated as the fans are! Especially at the defense at first base.

I like the idea of Heston going over to first base, and Bonfield back to LF. I also agree with a very short leash on Campbell, yank him at the first sign of a distress inning.

I like DVH thinking on this.

1b has had a lot of issues. Silly issues.

Anyway we could see Plunkett move from catcher to first? Catchers moving to first has happened before, just not sure about his fielding but I know he pinch hit a homer earlier in the season.

I think that is the kind of move you make in the fall, not the middle of the season. The players who were mentioned as candidates at first have experience playing there.

Dave said something yesterday to the extent of “first base has become a defensive position for me now.”

Wilson and Kenley have experience at first? Kjerstad has experience at first? Do we know for sure Plunkett doesn’t have any experience at first?

I’m talking about at points in their past they have played first. Plunkett might have, too; not sure.

Wilson is the only one who has played any first this year. He came in during one of the Kentucky games as a pinch-hitter and played the final couple of innings in the field there.