Expansion for Bogle?

with the success of the softball team recently and the outlook for continued success…any talk of expanding the capacity of Bogle to around 5000 thru either more suites and/or seats /i realize that the 1st order of business is securing Coach Deifel with a new contract that will make her have no desire to leave(and a no compete clause if possible in conference if possible)any insider know if this has been discussed?

I haven’t heard anything like that. I don’t think the ticket demand has been high enough to expand Bogle, with the exception of the postseason. There has been similar demand at Baum on those weekends for close to a decade and only a minimal number of seats added as part of the new operations center.

The next building project will almost certainly be the Bud Walton Arena renovation at a cost of around $100 million.


understand that and thanks Matt was just wondering

They’d have to move one or both bullpens to add much, unless they put permanent seats in the outfield.

Bama sold out its softball games on a season basis, 3,200 per game. They’ve led the nation in attendance forever.

Last season attendance figures I can find for softball, we averaged 681 in 2019 (which was 32nd in the country). UA doesn’t put attendance on the season stats.

Arkansas averaged 1,860 for home softball games this year.


In 2019 that would have been 5th in the country and third in the SEC, behind Bama and Auburn.


What range is OU and OSU attendance?

OU averaged 1700+ in 2019 which is a sellout; they move to a new ballpark soon. Okie Lite attendance in 2019 was below Arkansas.

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