Exhibition games do matter

Jeff Goodman shuffled his Top 25 from his preseason Top 25 without having played a single regular season game, but got to be based on results of exhibitions and secret scrimmages. Wonder if the next AP poll will reflect those results as well.

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You know you’re not supposed to say that, right, PJ? :thinking:

Jeff Goodman’s rankings don’t matter.


Matter to who? We haven’t played a real game yet…

Ranking 1st game, who cares. From 14th you can move up in the blink of an eye. LOONG season. :sunglasses:

That wasn’t my point. Point was if others that matter will include exhibition games results in casting their votes for next week’s poll, like Jeff did.

And apparently Goodman broke the news that Nick isn’t playing tonite.

Before or after he updated his top 25 I wonder? It’s easy for me to have a knee jerk reaction about where we should be ranked without nick. But I’m trying to take a deep breath and stay grounded in reality, like remembering that we have Anthony Black, thankfully. I believe he’s the real deal too, and having him run the point really puts a floor on how much our offense could struggle. He’s going to create regardless who’s around him. Beyond that everything is TBD. Hopefully we see some guys get in rhythm shooting tonight

Don’t forget something very important guys and gals. Goodman doesn’t like Arkansas and hasn’t since Mike was here. PJ is very aware of this.

Jeff Goodman is not an AP voter.

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Well, I think you made two points and I responded to one of them :slightly_smiling_face:.

As for your wonder, I don’t think so. The AP poll is made up of a lot of voters that don’t dig in across the nation like Goodman does. It’s also highly debatable for Goodman to move teams based on secret scrimmages and exhibitions in which teams are trying different things vs. worrying about purely winning.

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