Exhibit 1 for why it's too early to take RPI seriously

We beat North Florida today, a team that has a lousy record thanks in part to a brutal schedule. Had to work pretty hard to get there, but got it done without any late game worries. And our RPI goes DOWN 10 or 11 spots. It will go down some more with our next two opponents being outside the top 100 (yes, that’s right, I’m saying Texass is a weak spot on the NC schedule).

The good news is we have banked some good wins against probable solid RPI teams and some others that figure to fare much better once they get through long pre Christmas stretches of money games.

Things could always change (injuries, teams underperforming) but our schedule seems to be a good one.

We aren’t yet playing name teams but we have played several low and mid major teams that figure to be near the top of their leagues and maybe more importantly we seem to have eliminated the awful Swac type teams that are just RPI killers.

If we can nab just a few solid road/neutral wins and do what we normally do at BWA we should be in very good shape.

Some of the mid-major rankings will drop when they get in conference because of SOS. However, Texas probably won’t be anywhere near 100+ when the season is done. The only Big 12 teams that were 100+ last season won 12 games apiece. SFA will be much better than 300+ as well. Quite frankly nobody should ever pay any attention to RPI ever.

I think there is a real case to be made for putting RPI in the round file that is emptied once a day, but until the NCAA does that, it’s worth at least a little attention.