Excuse the Rant

Many of you know I watch marketing trends - one of those skills I picked up in the military for strategic analysis (I digress)

Well you know your team is revelant when folks adopt your mascot and brand name to make sales

I found a Ezra Brooks Kentucky Bourbon Decantor that is a running Razorback circa 1969

Gosh I want those days back when even a Kentucky Bourbon distiller knows a decanter of a Razorback means $$$

That let’s you know your making AN impact outside of the Ozarks

Anyone else got memorabilia like that ?

I want those days again - where folks far removed from the Ozarks want to use the Razorback to make $ - tells you you are on the radar

Coach Morris - I think you have that vision

Go Hog Go!

Win, build the brand and it will be alright

Btw: I’m not a Ezra Brooks Burbon fan (Woodford Reserve products for me)

But I still bought some Ezra Brooks Bourbon - just because of that little Razorback decantor

JFB Razorbacks are still making $

So as I retire I lift a toast of Ezra Brooks Kentucky Bourbon :tumbler_glass: to all my fellow Razorback fans!

May the road be straight
may the battle be great
But may Coach Morris Razorbacks prevail making Bama yellow hammer yield
And the rest of the SEC Squeal because
it’s hard to be humbal …

Night my fiends GHG

Yes I’ve had some bourbon

I enjoyed the post Bluegrass as I enjoyed a smooth glass of Angel’s Envy! Thank you for your service!

Enjoyed your post, as usual.

you brought a smile to my face on a Monday morning. Thank you.

Awe - Angels Envy - made right here Louisville, KY

Part of its unique character is the use of those aged plumb barrels

Very Smooth

I hope Arkansas is the SEC Envy soon -

And Also to you - youre a joy to read adgebg

Hog Treat - I hope we are all smiling the morning after each Arkansas Football game

Bluegrass…we were in Louisville about 3 weeks ago visiting my best friend and wife. I thought about contacting you while there but our days (and nights) were filled with rehashing old stories (the wives say enchanting old stories). Have not been to Louisville in a while but really enjoyed the Louisville Slugger museum and factory and Churchill Downs.

I’m ready for football. And more excited about the future than I’ve been in a while.

My mother (a giant Hog fan until her last breath) gave me a sealed bourbon fifth (a standup Razorback player in uniform with a hog head) in the late 60’s and I had it displayed over my fireplace until 1993 when my seven year old knocked it off with a plastic ball. The idea was to open and drink when we won a NC, not a farfetched dream at the time.

Contact me next - I may be on my farm in Green county or in Louisville - but if in Louisville … maybe we can link up

Lots of fun things to see in Louisville and Kentucky


Do you remember what brand of Bourbon it was?

Yes l;ate 60’s a National Title seemed possible

Jim Beam made a full set of SWC mascot figurine bottles that sound similar to what you’re describing. My father-in-law has the full set on a shelf in his house. I’m not sure what year they are from though.

Bluegrass, my memory fails me on the brand. It was made of porcelain not glass and I cried when it was broken because it came from a wonderful Hog lover and she had passed at that point.

When I sit at my computer.

[color=#FF0040]I SEE FIRST[/color]

  1. Mike Nail bobble head that plays those great 10-13 great seconds.
  2. RED miniature Razorback helmet
  3. Frank Broyles signed Quest Check from my son.
  4. Ozzie Smith signed baseball and baseball card signed when I did a video of the Field Of Dreams fundraiser. (Norm DeBryin was in)

I’ll start looking for some Jim Beam FB memorabilia late 60’s

Never knew

I think I would enjoy your computer work station