Exciting to see


Pretty cool to see support like this coming from someone with A.) the talent to be leader on the field, and B.) that has had some adversity with the coaching change but seems to be putting things together.

I hope that its a sign of good things to come for Mr. O’Grady.

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C.J. O’Grady has NFL talent…size, speed and hands. If he can devote himself to his craft…he might play on Sunday someday. These past two years he has shown what he is capable of. Now, he needs to do it on a consistent basis. He is a playmaker…he and Rakeem were our only two, unfortunately.

Hudson Henry and O’Grady or going to put some big time pressure on defense next year both are uncoverble by linebackers… should be plenty of matchup problems for us to take advantage of.

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Its good to see that he is a believer in CCM and Co. It needs to become “cool” in the locker room to like the coach and want to work/play hard for him. Not sure that has been the case the past couple of years, but the recruits coming in sure seem pumped to play for the guy. Hopefully the remaining players returning will be too! WPS

Man O’Grady has the talent to be a beast next year if he can put it together. he could put up big numbers if he can just put it all together. I truly hope the kid can finally do it because he is a serious talent and weapon for us!

I’d love to see just how high his ceiling could be. I can’t imagine being a HS TE prospect and wanting to play for anyone OTHER than Barry Lunney Jr. What a track record he has.

I think the light is on & bright & I think this coaching staff had a lot to do with it.
It’s time to give O’Grady the benefit of the doubt & leave his past behavior in the rear view.

The turnaround he made this year when given the opportunity & this tweet about CCM & the Team I think is a reflection of boy becoming a man.

Played hard in every game & made some great plays when nobody else did anything at times.

He will be one of the leaders next year, which will probably be his last as Hog.