Excited about this Saturday

I think we’ll learn more about this team and the coaching staff this weekend than either of the previous two games.

Starkel showed that he can spread the ball around, and that has the potential to change everything - from the attitude and confidence of the entire offense, to the defense getting more rest. It should also provide some insight as to how these coaches can call a game, instead of leaving us with the “is-it-the-talent-or-is-it-the-coaching” chicken and egg riddle.

IMO we’ll know on Saturday whether this is going to be another completely lost season, or one that provides entertainment and the prospect of better things to come.

I am too.hopefully we come out guns blazing this will be a very big test for our defense will be the first pure pocket passer we’ve seen hopefully we can step in front of two or three.

I am more optimistic that with the right QB now playing that this season may turn out better than expected. The running game concerns me with Boyd seemingly the only reliable option. I hope to see what the freshman running back can do. As painful as the Ole miss game was, they were only a play or two from making it real close, which hasn’t been the case in the last year.

Let’s face it. This normally would be a gimme game, and even if we win, means little compared to a SEC game. Good Lord, we had better win. What I am hoping for is improvement in general which would breed hope for later.

I am glad to hear what a lot of us had hoped would be the case after the 2nd half last week! I think Starkel brings a whole different look with his arm strength. Will there be mistakes like the couple he made (throwing to Woods and not Burks that left O’Grady wide open and not seeing Burks had covered up Knox or Gunter can’t remember who but negated TD)…yes, there will be but he just needs time to learn the offense. His passes get to the target so much faster than Hicks. If he can pass like he did in second half last week this coming week then it will start to pull back defenses and make it a little easier on the RB’s to find creases to hit.

Getting more reps with the 1’s all week will be huge! Saturday will be a day for him to get more comfortable in the offense and with his WR’s and TE’s against another opponent. More comfortable with the mesh point in handoffs etc. Getting comfortable will lead to more confidence and hopefully more success for the team.

Me, too. I’m excited to watch these young guys continue to learn and grow together, O and D. I want to see Burks house a punt return. having a QB that the team believes in can help EVERYTHING, even the defense. Would really like to see 30 points, both for our progression, and cause we will likely need it against an improved CSU offense.

But most importantly, I get to see my oldest son! Bid weekend, you know