Except for Brady/Bellicheck winning again, I liked the Super Bowl................

…I liked the way the two defenses played, the great coverage, the great pass rush, great tackling, etc. I get sick and tired of the rat ball scoring run amuck hurry up spread RPO gimmicky games in college football. The RPO is now sneaking into pro ball but did you notice that none of those QB’s and their offenses were in the Super Bowl? I liked it. Just like a great pitchers duel in baseball is great baseball, that was two great defenses mostly shutting down two really good offenses. That was great football. I expected the Rams defense to be tough on Brady but I did not expect the Pats defense to shut down the Rams. JMVVVVVVVHO

With all due respect the Rams defense was pretty tough holding Tom & Co to only 13 pts. But the Pats had a really good defensive game plan and the Rams offense didn’t/couldn’t adjust. I think we saw experience vs inexperience on the big stage also.
Glad you like it but you are in rare company tho.

It is fascinating to read about the Patriots defensive game plan against the Rams. The secondary played quarters where the two safeties and the corners were responsible for a fourth of the field…it was kinda like a matchup zone defense…then the Pats put two linebackers on the line of scrimmage so they had 6 linemen which confused the offensive line and stopped the running game. I don’t really understand all that, but it is amazing this team can morph itself into whatever it needs to stop the other team.

If you ever listen to a lengthy Bill Bellichick interview, it won’t take long to see the football wisdom and brilliance of the guy. His dad was an assistant coach at the Naval Academy and Bellichick has a great reverence for the military.

How he won the Super Bowl guiding this team is pretty amazing. They are not a real talented group. Several teams have more talent than the Patriots, but only one has Bellichick and Brady.

I was for the Pats simply because they have two starters that are ex Hogs. Same reason I was for the Eagles last year.

Personally, I didn’t think the defensive play was great and that the low scoring was more a byproduct of the offenses not executing well. Both quarterbacks missed a lot of passes. Defense contributed to that some, but I never had the thought that I was watching a defensive masterpiece.


Plain and simple is Goff played awfully. But it is very popular to try and discredit Brady specifically and it helps that narrative if you say the defense won him this game. Really, it was just Goff playing awfully and not taking advantage of opportunities, especially when Chung went out.

Brady didn’t have his best game, but as always he drove the ball down the field and they scored when it mattered.

Flowers, Wise, Hollister and Skipper got Super Bowl rings for that I’m glad the Patriots won and I can’t stand LA anything.

Defensive line play was superb on both sides. When that happens, some confuse that for bad offense. Maybe it is.

But generally one defensive line (with help from linebackers) controls the game. Rarely do you see two defensive lines dominate together. Rams have been run with play action all year. Patriots got in gaps and took that away. Reminded me of watching old wide tackle six teams. Youdaman will have to explain that. It’s a 5-man front with linebackers taking gaps quickly. You will not run inside too often. Rams made a living all year with the stretch play with the cut back. But they could not control the slants of Pats up front.

Todd Gurley was not the hoss he’s been most of the year. Goff got little help. Goff did miss a couple of reads but not too many. Brady made the right checks but his guys could not sustain blocks when they had an advantage.

Allen would have a SB ring if the Rams won but I can never really root for anything on the West Coast…

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