Excellent job Clay w/ the up tempo article

And mentioning that CBB didn’t do it in the past because of player safety.

For a guy who likes to stress player safety, it’s ironic to 1. See him run the tempo like he did against Bama. 2. Leave Allen in as long as he does and allow him to be beaten to death.

little different type, some teams play uptempo to wear out the def. Ole Miss snaps it in like 10 sec

Ours were just to keep the same players on the field.

They never really snapped the ball any faster just no huddle or subbing

He used it because it works. Plain and simple. No matter how you look at it, yes maybe not the best for player safety, or to keep defenders from coming in, it’s more effective, that’s why it’s so popular.

I’m not sure I buy the whole player safety issue. In a world of hypersensitivity, if there was any strong correlation to player safety/HUNH then we’d see a media outrage against it.

Just seemed ironic. I understand exactly why they did it, and agree.