Excellent games this weekend!

What a weekend of games, including some great finishes (Florida, Texas :lol: Stanford, Memphis) and surprises (LSU :lol: Nebraska).

Watching all the games, it is reminder of how critical having a great or even good kicker is along with blocking for the kicker…I was thinking how many games the Hogs may have won over the last 3 years, from being able to put away Texas A&M a couple years back, blocked last field goal against Miss St, 3 misses from 20 yards in against TCU in last 2 years (lucky to win one), etc. I am sure I have put some of these out of my memory but bottom line is when Hogs line up for field goal in the last 3 years, I only have bad thoughts in my mind and sure team may feel the same.

I hope the Hogs get this thing turned around and will be in the stands next weekend, hoping that it does not come down to a Hog field goal for the win. :cry:

I had a chance to watch a lot of football Saturday…from ATM vs “Louisiana” Ragin Cajuns to Ole Miss and Cali…switched back and forth and saw parts of most games on TV. I came away from Saturday discouraged, jealous and irritated. We seem so far away…

If you watched with both eyes open I hope you saw that we are not alone with Oline issues, young receivers with no timing with the QB and unable to score in the red zone.
missed Pat’s and field goals was the norm.
Kicker pulling hamstrings!
Stupid penalties and lack of discipline in almost every game yesterday. Sportsmanship by players, coaches and fans are not displayed.
I guess we teach our kids to be good sports but we fail to practice what we preach! In sports someone is going to loose.