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This game is an example of Bielema’s old-school system getting wrecked by a team with real SEC talent and speed across the board. Problem is, I think every year there will be about three or four of these games. Bielema occasionally wins one of them by luck or a good bounce (Ole MIss last year, TCU this year). But teams like the Aggies are a real problem for the way Bielema wants to play football. And I really don’t see it getting any better, given our recruiting limitations.

I disagree. We can and HAVE signed good lineman. Right now we have a major hole without Tretola and an extra hole because Kirkland left early. If Kirkland stays we would be different. On the Dline we are a solid group but not Bama, Ole Miss and A&M level still. Our offense is great when we can run to engage the play action threat.

I think that was/is OP’s point. Or at least one of them. Against teams like Bama, Ole Miss, Fla, maybe Auburn right now, and certainly A&M the running game may have some major problems. Thereby, lessening or negating the play action threat.

I don’t like making W/L predictions but I will say there are several teams left on our schedule that may present problems for CBB’s running game.

I disagree also, it wasn’t that we couldn’t move the ball on aTm, we could and did. But got silly on the goal line several times with play calling that was running right at the beef of the defense in a stacked set. Then the mental mistakes on top of that and fumbles.
We marched it 96 yards down their throat only to squander it at 3 yard line.
We took ourselves out of contention with mistakes and blown assignments on offense, questionable play calling, etc. not because we were so overmatched.
Defensively we were out schemed and we dropped the ball there, and we are still lacking talented depth there, but if the offense makes the plays in the red zone at the goal line without the blunders where we could have been up at least 21 points at half, the defense may have played above their head more, even out manned like we were. But they were gassed late and it showed.

Watching highlight reel from 2am sports center was not fun

Try & try to punch it in with reporter saying


I don’t think we were outcoached or outschemed. I think we were out recruited. It looked like a game of top 15 classes vs top 30 classes, 4 stars vs. 3 stars., etc…

We can say stars don’t matter all we want but I highly doubt we will ever win the SEC while settling for top 30 classes.


I’m speaking more about the rank ineptness of our defense. My point is that it is hard play the kind of offense we play when the defense (players, scheme and coaching) sucks as bad as it does. The offense is OK, but it can’t quickly put up enough points to keep us in these type games, especially when we decide we want to go on 9 minute methodical drives and get stupid in the red zone.

Sure, there are exceptions (Ole Miss, TCU). But until we really decide to start playing defense in Fayetteville, we will never have another-level success, given the archaic way Bielema wants to play offense (no speed, no home-run hitters).

It really is disappointing.

This is frustrating to me. Time of possession was 39:45 to 20:15. Why are we gassed?
Same with TCU. 33:07 to 26:53.

Yes D has to get better but last night the O dropped the ball with ineptness in the red zone and the mojo shifted quick after 92 yard TD

I agree. If coaching is equatable, talent wins. Chavis is every bit the defensive coach that we have on the other side of the ball. He brings a level of toughness to his 4 and 5*. aTm didn’t look as soft as they have in the past. In fact, they bullied us.

I really don’t think it’s a scheme thing now it’s a talent thing right now

Going in o the season ,out folks knew this potentially was a development (rebuilding year) and that always includes pain

Remember we now have enough data to know Coach Bret teams get stronger as the year goes on

Maybe that growth will translate into a win vs the Aggies next year