Ex-Reb Shea Patterson eligible immediately at Michigan

He dropped his claim that he stayed with the Rebnecks because Bucky Freeze and others lied to him about the NCAA investigation. That, and a new NCAA policy on transfers related to their academic standing, led OM to drop its opposition to his immediate eligibility in Ann Arbor.

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.espn.com/college-football/st … aa-decides”>http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/23338623/quarterback-shea-patterson-allowed-play-next-season-ncaa-decides</LINK_TEXT>

I don’t really have an opinion on the young man! He probably got paid too! Got luck to him and I hope he is able to beat Ohio State!


I don’t really have an opinion on the young man! He probably got paid too! Got luck to him and I hope he is able to beat Ohio State!

[/quote]Guess I am cynical, but in signing with Ole Miss he got his brother a job at Ole Miss and now it is more advantageous to be somewhere different, i.e. he likely lost his starting position. It seems to me that he is part of what is wrong with big time college football. The other part wrong is the inconsistent and preferential enforcement by the NCAA. In my opinion, the fact he chose Michigan, then everything is cool. Wonder if he chose Memphis or other less preferred “big boy” if they would receive instant eligibility?

The NCAA is a gutless group. After the lack of any penalty with North Carolina and the light penalties handed down to Ole Miss for their organized widespread cheating, this organization has made it clear…cheating is not really wrong. It’s okay.

Ole Miss not only buys their players but they all whine about the injustice and at the same time point fingers at one another. Shea is just another “Gone Girl” along with Bucky.

Don’t tell anyone in Mississippi that they got off light. If you’re expecting another death penalty, it will never happen again. They did it once and keep that weapon in the closet as a threat.

As for UNC, the problem was that there really wasn’t an NCAA rule against what they did. Which is the same reason most of Penn State’s penalties post-Sandusky were rolled back. You can’t punish someone for violating a rule that doesn’t exist. And UNC was smart or lucky enough to set up its incredibly easy classes so that they were available for everyone on campus, thus avoiding an extra benefits charge if those classes had been limited to jocks. The gutless group is the regional accreditation group that did nothing about clear academic fraud. If they had whacked UNC, meaning a loss of accreditation, it would have sent a clear message nationwide that you risk blowing up the entire school with academic monkeyshines. But they just put UNC on probation. Big whoop.

We make fun of jocks taking basic basketweaving to skate through school in the easiest way possible without concerns of whether they might actually, uh, learn something. UNC is that taken to an extreme. Write one paper of any quality, get an A or B and three hours of credit. There is actually evidence that UNC athletes didn’t realize how easy they had it – they tried to write a decent paper instead of typing up any piece of crap which would have gotten the same result. But academic advisers all over the country, including Arkansas, help jocks find the easiest course through school to maintain eligibility. Meaning if we had a course as easy as UNC’s notorious one, our athletes would be taking it as well.

Speaking of the NCAA, I have come to believe that their enforcement inconsistencies are not a result of protecting the big boys (Louisville basketball is a pretty big boy, as is USC football, both whacked hard in recent years), but an example of Hanlon’s razor – never attribute to malice things that can be explained by stupidity.

I was reading something yesterday that Michigan shouldn’t expect Patterson to come in and fix all their offensive problems. Maybe this wouldn’t have been a bad year to play them after all. They had the same problem last year as we did – an offensive line that couldn’t block anyone.