ex-Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly has Strange Encounter

http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/2506 … ssing-case

Character issues have followed him for years.

what a Bozo!

Nothing new for Chad,
I guess Pat Lynch is still available?

Not suprising

I like the Broncos; they have long been my second-favorite team behind the Cowboys. John Elway made some odd decisions when it comes to quarterback the past several years. That Chad Kelly was their No. 2 QB is an indicator of that.


http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/2507 … lly-arrest

It sounds like the guy is nuts.

Sad story. He has a lot of talent. In the 4th and 25 game with Ole Miss, he couldn’t be stopped. But, neither could Brandon Allen.

Adios, Chad.

I wonder what Uncle Jim has to say now?

Just now on High Noon on ESPN it was reported that while at Ole Miss when he was kicked out of a party he said he was going to come back and spray the place with an AK-47. Anybody recall if there were repercussions from that incident? Certainly, any other college student making that kind of threat would have been out the door.

I remember interviewing him after games.

Dude had a wild look in his eyes, but certainly said whatever came to mind without a filter.

Chad Kelly is typical of what happened at OM during that time. Hugh Freeze ran a dirty program & didn’t care what rules he broke trying to win. I understand he’s now terribly repentant about all his misdeeds & wants to coach again, but his whole shtick has always been his Christian values & doing things right. I won’t accuse him of simply using the same thing today because I can’t read his heart or mind. However, if given the option of trusting him or someone else to do “what’s right” I’ll go with someone else. What makes me sick is that OM isn’t really paying for all the success Freeze bought. Yeah, they lost a few scholies & missed a bowl (maybe 2), but OM should be held to account. I don’t think it really was.

I agree. Somehow, they still are getting good recruits. I don’t understand.

Northeast, I couldn’t have said it any better. Ole Miss was charged with bunch of violations including academic fraud, paying players and many other rules violations…the problem is the NCAA doesn’t really care…they let those sorry $%^&^%$* off with a few scholarship losses and a couple of bowls losses …they weren’t going to a bowl last year, anyway. The NCAA is a joke. Look at North Carolina. They didn’t get a slap on the wrist…

Ole Miss is already better than we are. They haven’t missed a beat.

Most people in the know over in Mississippi thought they would lose 20-25 scholarships and be charged with loss of institutional control. Not so.

Ole Miss finally figured it out …they can’t compete by the rules in the SEC…so what the &*%$…let’s just cheat like crazy, throw the rulebook out the window and see what happens.

If it hadn’t been for Hunter Henry…it would have worked. Thank you, Hunter. The boys at Mississippi State are still trying to get a statue of Hunter built on campus there.

The bagman goes away only to reappear… why not, in the SEC there is little to fear from the NCAA. It is a bit ironic that we beat them four years in a row when they were at the height of the cheating and beating a lot of teams. The staff is fired and the NCAA put their tiny thumbprint on all the cheating and bang, they end the streak.

Can you really blame OM? They probably feel slighted with the minor NCAA sanctions they recieved. After all they, like the rest of us watched Auburn buy a NC with Scam Newton and others without the NCAA raising an eyebrow.

Auburn exploited a loophole in the rules. You could pay off a kid’s relatives but still be “legal” if the money didn’t go directly to the kid (so Cecil Newton got paid, not $cam). That loophole has been closed.

Where was that loophole when Reggie Bush had to forfeit Heisman & USC games forfeited because his family got paid. Long before Scam & Auburn ordeal.
Or did Reggie get direct payments to?

He got direct payments and he lived in that house.