Ex-LSU AD: "I would never have hired Jimbo Fisher"


Con man.

There’s definitely people that don’t think well of Jimbo. Someone I know in Tallahassee had dealings with a good number of the players and they didn’t think well of him.

What’s the rap on him? Anyone know anything more than vague “dislikes”?

There was an article posted here that discussed the mess that he left at Free Shoes U. As I recall, he was letting the players get away with a lot. I’ve searched for the discussion, but I can’t find it. I’ll try again.

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Shoot, I still can’t find it. :woman_shrugging:

I was speaking of Alleva. He’s ridiculous.

I remember that too Marty

There are plenty of unhappy Aggies & articles here about the $75 million mess at aTm with the Jimbo Fisher hire.

I have had fun with this one with my Aggie friends. “So this is what 75 mil buys?” “Gosh, LSU must have paid Coach O twice that! Oh, they didn’t ?”

the only response is, “I guess so”… got to love it.

We have blown a whole lot of $ on some very poor coaching, but at least it is not 75 mil.

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My reaction when the Aggies hired Jimbo was that I thought there was a much greater chance that he would fail there than most folks realized. It was almost universally hailed as a “home run” hire, but IMO neither A&M nor Jimbo are “sure things” by a long shot. The combination of the two has GREAT potential for not living up to the lofty expectations.

So far, the jury is still out. Hope my initial reaction becomes reality. Aggies will continue to be “the sleeping giant that never wakes up”.

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I hope aTm meets your initial reaction, but is good enough to become the dominant program in the state. Stomping on the tea-sippers (in games or recruiting) is a good thing.

Jimbo just seems slimy to me. Like a dude sneaking out the back of a porno house.

Can’t believe they paid him 75 million. Just like an Aggie.

We have paid (or paying) football coaches somewhere in the range of $40 million since 2012 and look what we have for it. The Aggies have beat our brains out over most of that time… hard for us to cast that stone, but I understand the sharing of misery on the enemy.

“The Aggies have beat our brains out”??

Hardly. Yes, they have won, what, 7 straight now? But most of those (including the last 2 years against the weakest back-to-back Hog teams ever) have been last possession games in which the Aggies have eeked out a win.

Alabama, Auburn, even LSU of late… those teams have beat our brains out. Not the Aggies.

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I agree with the below. Unfortunately, the “optics” also support hogsrus, even though the facts don’t (if you look at it for more than 10 seconds. Problem is, very few - especially outside the state of Arkansas- really do). They see 8 straight losses (my fingers will almost not let me type that) and assume the Aggies have shredded us. The reality is that we easily could be ahead in those games 5-3, and probably SHOULD be 4-4 against them. They’ve only truly hammered us a time or two.

Considering the $75 Million guaranteed pay to Jimbo and the $.5 Billion for their stadium expansion in Aggie hopes of buying a national championship, they don’t have a lot to show. Jimbo’s winning percentage was .615 in 2019, the same mediocre record as Sumlin in his last 2 years. There’s a sucker born every minute, & aTm has their share of them.

When you lose eight in a row, feel free to hang your happy hat on the fact we were competitive in most of them. They own us since coming into the SEC… period.

That’s not what you said…you said they had “beat our brains out”. You and I have a different understanding of what that phrase means.

I pretty much explained it in my post above. You may be one of the short attention-span types referenced therein.

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