ex-Hogs get some Tonight Show exposure

Last night, I randomly watched some of the Tonight Show (rarely do these days) - probably because the TV was still on NBC following the Cowboys’ exhibition game, and late local news.

Anyway, Jimmy Fallon did a small bit where he showed a few players from the two teams (Cowboys, Cardinals) with a funny comment.

First one he showed was Dan Skipper, with the caption (which Fallon read): “Most Likely to be the Love Child of Louis C.K. and Prince Charles”.

A few players later, they also showed Sam Irwin-Hill with a caption (paraphrasing) “Most likely to be eliminated from the Bachelor and say ‘I wasn’t into her anyway’ . . .”

Funny that two ex-Hogs were included in the 8-10 they spoofed, when they had 200 players to choose from . . .

Found it on YouTube . . .