Ex-Clemson QB could 'make Arkansas' offense go quickly,' analyst says

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Especially if we sign Kelly Bryant, several of our QBs need to play other positions. That is what Frank Broyles did. Broyles said he signed QBs because usually they were the best player on the team. Defensive backs is a positions several might play and Cole Kelley might be able to play fullback or someone on the line.

This isn’t the 60s.

Players aren’t just so easily moved around.

There’s not a qb on this team that is athletic enough to play a different position. Kelley’s most realistic option would be OL, and I doubt you can convince a qb to gain an additional 40 pounds and then teach him to be a OL. Noland would just go to baseball he’s athletic, but not enough to play wr or any other position. Stores couldn’t. JSJ is too small and also couldn’t. Hyatt couldn’t.

Not the same era, that doesn’t happen unless you have elite athletes who just so happen to play q.b.

Kelley might make a tight end. Worked out pretty well for AJ Derby, who is now getting paid at his new position.

Aj derby was/is also very fast. Also in much, much better physical shape than Kelley. Kelley doesn’t carry a good 260. AJ carries a good 240-245, he was solid.


All of them think they are the best QB.

None of them would move to another spot. They would just transfer as no doubt some are going to do anyway.