Evolution of the sports report.

Let me first say, I’m not making any accusations or complaints about the
staff her. I’m very grateful for the fantastic coverage we get on all things
razorback. My first love all sports.

My question is one of story content. It seems to have changed over the
years and was just curious if there was a reason, or if it hadn’t and its just
my over-sight and I missed it. Anyway, I remember when game articles
would be filled with Razorback quotes then generally towards the end, we
would have some quote from the opposing coach or maybe a few of the
other teams players. These generally gave a good indication of how we
were viewed by those that don’t drink the kool-aide or wear the rose sun
glasses. I liked reading that portion, but it seems like these things don’t
make the articles as much anymore. I’m not just saying here, I’m saying
sports coverage in general. Is there a shift away from this practice, or
since I’m getting older and slowly becoming unable to gather up all my
marbles as quickly as I use to in days past, am I just not paying enough
attention and it still there? Just curious.

Anyways… thats all I wanted to say besides the following:

GO RAZORBACKS… Time to open up an old fashioned can of whoop-ass
on those AGGIES!! WPS!!

EDITED: I’d like to note, before I get skewered by someone out there,
Matt Jones did have a one line quote from the Texas State head coach.
I’m just mainly saying this seems more rare these days than a Dallas
Cowboy victory, and I miss that. (Not the victory, but the quotes)
Go Steelers!!

There should be quotes from both sides in the story. I know that Dudley did the gamers in the past and his stories were always heavy with quotes from the opposing team. I’ve used some in the past when they fit the angle I was trying to explore. They are needed to give a well rounded account.