Everything you need to know about MLB schedule

We’re here to answer every darned question you have about the schedule — even the questions you didn’t know you’d need to ask. And by that, we mean all the schedules:

• The rearranged 2022 schedule.

• And the brand new 2022 spring training schedule.

• And the all-new, expanded 2022 postseason schedule.

• And then there’s 2023, when the format for all baseball scheduling will change dramatically.


Is this a done deal? Has MLB said play ball? And whoever thought this up had to be a 1 man genius. Why? Because to get 2 people to agree on anything is hard, let alone all the teams…

and DH in the National League. I guess it was inevitable. :sunglasses:

I am so ready for MLB,Just hope my Braves can resign Freedie Freeman

in case you don’t have the Athletic.

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