everyone should hear

the interview on bo’s show with bill ingram. wish i know how to link it but it is a must hear, i heard it twice. guy knows basketball and he knows talent. in a nutshell:
lack of effort
players don’t know their roles
kingsley playing outside
fans have a reason to be disappointed and discouraged
should be way ahead of where we are in year 6
we have lowered our expectations to lets hope we make the tournament, 3rd or 4th in the sec when we should be shooting for 1 or 2 in conference every year
statewide support, we should be top 25 EVERY year
is worried that anderson has lost the team

those are his points… what i wish bo would have asked him, none of the hawks have signed, the recruits we are hoping and waiting for. after seeing this fiasco, how many will stay committed to us. and how many are committed to the u of a instead of anderson. if a coach is here other than anderson how likely are they to stay committed. ingram wants all in state kids to stay home and play for hogs. he thought we somehow screwed up on allen at florida, thought monk was never going to be a how, his words, even if phil jackson had been our coach… what does that tell ya about why he went to kentucky…

I didn’t hear it, but…

Lack of Effort - that’s a given and is what several of us have said since last night

Players Don’t know their roles - I don’t know about that, but they aren’t playing well.

Kingsley playing outside - I have harped on this since the season began

Fans should have a reason to be disappointed or discourage - who is saying they don’t after these last two games?

We have lowered expectations - That’s certainly true over the last 20 years - Right now they should be shooting for 3-4, they are not as good Kentucky, Florida or South Carolina this season, they were as good as all of them when they finished second in 2015

Top 25 - that and making the tournament should be an expectation.

Lost the team - could be, but I will wait to see what happens in the next few games before over-reacting, but obviously the last two first halves have been dismal

Now I have few questions for you

Should Mike Anderson be fired today?

Should Mike Anderson be fired at the end to the season?

Knowing that you have told me before that he wasn’t your choice, what - if anything - could he do to change your mind if the answer to either of the first two questions is yes?

And if Bill - who is a close friend of mine - had said something today that you disagreed with, would you have been so high on his opinion?

I have listened to it now.

Good interview and he made good points.

As for the commits, I doubt he could answer the question for the five of the Hawks at this point and he wouldn’t know about the three 2017 guys.

But I do think this after having talked to all of them recently - they support the UA, Coach Anderson and his staff.

If and when they hired somebody else, they would all then have a choice to make - including the 2017 signees, who would have the right to ask for a release.

Here’s the link:

http://sportstalkwithbo.com/arkansas-ha … asketball/

Not going to lie, I like Bill Ingram, but I felt he did an overkill in the interview.

Him saying coach Anderson has lot the team and guys not knowing their roles and all that, was unnecessary for him to say. It’s one thing for us, as fans to say it on a message board, but when you’re an AAU coach of an Arkansas program with Arkansas kids committed, you say you’re an Arkansas fan, how much are you really helping Arkansas by getting on the radio and bashing the current state of the program? I know if I was teenager, and I’m hearing my AAU coach, who I respect talk bad about the Arkansas program, what interest am I going to have in the program if I’m a big time recruit? Then we wonder why top in-state kids want to go somewhere else. In Arkansas we can’t have our own people publicly bashing the program, it’s a horrible look.

My answers. No I would not fire Anderson today. I would wait until end of season before I made that determination. there is still hope we can make the NCAA tourney. Believe it or not I think he might deserve 1 more year. Haven’t decided. I can think for myself and have my on opinions on our team. How they play. How they are coached. I have eyes. If Ingram had said something I disagreed with I would certainly disagree. But apparently he sees what most of us see and feels the way most of us feel.

I forgot one of you questions. What could Anderson do to change my
Mind. He has already done one and that is recruiting. I do now question whether or not he can coach them. No he was not my first choice but who is to say my or anyone else’s choice would have been better. I will say if my choice had a first 6 years like andersons then I would feel same way. I’m not married to a coach as some on here are but I am married to our program. The hogs. In every sport. I’m proud of my state, my school and now to be honest I’m quite embarrassed of how we are playing. What else could he do? Ditch the nepotism and get someone on the sideline to help him. Lastly, when it ain’t working do something else. But it appears mind you , that he only knows one way to coach. You have to admit we have been seeing the same flaws for 6 years now. Stagnant offense. Teams shooting record percentages against our vaunted defense. I won’t go over the entire list, they r well documented by others on here. And writers. I love the feature on this site of the game recaps with film. Film doesn’t lie. I would just like to see some good basketball. I like fast paced offense. Now I have a few questions for you. How long do you think it takes a coach to implement his system? What are your expectations for Arkansas basketball? If we lost most of our remaining games would you change your mind on Anderson? Are you married to the coach or to the program? At what point would you say enough is enough? Is there a point?

My answers. No I would not fire Anderson today. I would wait until end of season before I made that determination. there is still hope we can make the NCAA tourney. Believe it or not I think he might deserve 1 more year. Haven’t decided. I can think for myself and have my on opinions on our team. How they play. How they are coached. I have eyes. If Ingram had said something I disagreed with I would certainly disagree. But apparently he sees what most of us see and feels the way most of us feel.[/quote]

As I have said many times, message boards are not a good indication of how every fan thinks. It would be great if they were, but they aren’t.

In fact, there is only a minor segment of message board that actually posts on line. I think it is like 10 percent or so.

So I would never think that opinions on here - be they positive or negative - are a percentage of the fan base.

All that being said, we are agree that these last two games have been horrible and hopes for a successful season have been diminished to this point.

I enjoyed speaking to you the time we met - need to get the book back to you - and feel your views are rationale.

Just wanted where you were on the frustration meter because it seemed pretty high.

To start off with, I am neither married to the program or the coach.

Yes, it is true that I got my education from the University of Arkansas and spent six years on the bench with Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson.

I am extremely proud of my state and its people, but I’m not a fan no matter how many people try to pigeon hole me into being one because of my background.

I wish y’all could get in my head to see things as I do - it is not what most of you think.

If the bottom completely falls out, then Jeff Long has a decision to make.

If not, I think Coach Anderson gets one more year - simply because of what he did on the front end off the court '(and it was bad) and what he has done on the back end on it in terms of record the last 3 years and most of all recruiting.

As for what point I would say enough is enough - it would likely be if the bottom completely fell out

I agree. Very very surprised at Bill. He is normally more cautious with his comments.
I have asked this question several times with no answer. Name the players from the state of Arkansas, other than Monk and Allen, in the past 5 years that have lead their teams to significance or had an all conference season.

I know about woulda coulda but. If Qualls and Williams woulda come back and Beard didn’t commit a stupid, last year woulda been better than 16 - 16. Heck Qualls alone woulda been good enough for atleast 4 more wins. Here are the close losses.

Stanford Away (Neutral Site) -3
Wake Forest Away -3 Last second shot
Mercer NLR -3 OT
Dayton Away -4 OT
LSU Away -2
Georgia Away -3 OT
Florida Away -4
Auburn Home -4

We probably would be viewing the current situation differently. :geek:

Your comment on message boards. Well the opinions on this site are much more forgiving and patient than the general public. I’ve had numerous calls, texts, emails and to a man all but one want him fired yesterday. And they aren’t happy with long either. One just gave up his box for football. Will not order season tickets. And canceled his basketball season tickets for next year. This is not some ordinary fan like me. This is decent money guy. Over 25 years of big time support. And believe this or not, I find myself supporting Anderson more than I should. I like the underdog. And Arkansas has for the most part always been an underdog. I just want Arkansas to win and when we don’t I want the other team to want no part of us again. He wasn’t my first choice but I want him to win it all, every year. What is the most heartbreaking thing for me personally is my son, who was raised to be a hog fan and he is, but when he gets apathetic and he and all his friends, they all played ball btw, sit and are so discouraged wAtching this team play. Breaks his heart. Me, I’m almost immune to it all. I can see why Arkansas kids would look elsewhere.

I agree completely about the message boards not being a voice of the fans. They are the epitome of the vocal minority. I’ve been one of the biggest Mike Anderson fans on here. I’ve been a Razorback basketball fan to a fault. Always the supreme optimist. I’ve been to a lot of Hog basketball games at BWA, even while living in FL and VA. I’ve followed them to tournaments in Vegas and to Puerto Rico. IMO, those season ticket holders and traveling fans are primarily totally loyal fans of Mike and the Razorbacks.

I was at the game last and I was shocked at what I was hearing all around me. I managed to get really good seats, and the fans there are fans that attend all or most of the games and are mostly life-long loyal, regardless of results, fans. They were not bitter with their comments, like message board fans. They were mostly just in dis-belief that a Mike Anderson team would play like they have in 3 of the last 4 games. They were sad about what appeared to them to perhaps be the end of the Mike Anderson era. They seemed to be resolved to the outcome if Mike doesn’t turn this around.

I’ve made lots and lots of posts on here in support of Mike, especially with the next 2 incoming recruiting classes. I so hope Mike finds the answers and the team comes together, fights their hearts out, and finishes this season really strong. If we tank the rest of the season, well, I guess I may be resolved to the outcome.

I agree with your stand. I am one of remaining old WHS format members. Once I outlined all of MA’s system flaws and his poor evaluation and recruiting (prior to last year’s). I was called a hater, burned at the stake so to speak. I too am not for or against any coach. I support them as long as they are delivering. Sadly it ain’t happening.

I certainly would not fire Anderson and that has nothing to do with the incoming classes. The 2117 class, although better than average for the UofA, is middle of the pack in the SEC. Therefore, any new coach would recruit at least about average for the UofA. Therefore, not that far off from the current 2117 class.

If for no other reason, I would not fire Anderson because I have no confidence that whatever coach Long hired would be an improvement over Anderson and, as likely as not, it would be a downgrade.