Everyone is focused on the

men and transfers. I won’t be surprised if Neighbors adds a very good transfer too. Something to keep an eye on.

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That’s good news

you talking Bibby from Mississippi State?

Do you have any inside information?

no…just wild guess…says shes a 3 point shooter and has played in their transition style and at 6’3"would add some height

May not be all that wild; I was wondering if there’d be any MSU player transfers after Coach Schaefer left for tu.

Hint. She’s pretty good.

Chloe Bobby just transferred to Maryland. I bet Nikki McCray retains most of the MSU players.

Is she from Arkansas and maybe went to play in the NE part of the U.S.?

She can dribble the ball. Sorry I can’t say lol.

Richard you know but you gave your word! Inside scoop with a story waiting!

No guarantee she’s coming but would be a big get.

I hope who ever she is Juno’s on board. Coach Neighbors is gaining steam in the SEC! He has improved the roster each season and appears to be doing it again.

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