Everyone contributing...

but Macon and Thompson have been OUTSTANDING.

Trey’s passing, defense and BB IQ spurred this huge run.

Best we have played all year IMO.

Improving each game. Starting to look like a Tourney team. Now that I said that Ole Miss run. When Ole Miss cut it to 5, I posted on another board if we get 90 we win. Need 13 in 8 minutes

Never met Neal, don’t know anything about him, but every time I see him play, I want to punch him in the face. He just reminds me of Henderson. Wanted to punch him too

Don’t forget Beard. He was part of the run in which we took control in the first half. On a slow night for Dusty, Beard hit three treys off the bench and assisted on three of Macon’s trifectas, one after a Beard Oreb. Beard on the night - 11 points, 4 assists, 0 TOs, 1 steal. He was somewhat in the shadow of Macon’s obvious brilliance. And, yeah, Trey was great, too. He’s playing well at both ends.

Dusty was a little off tonight. The floater in the lane in the first half he missed was the last time he actually drove the ball but he still rebounded and it great to have Macon, Beard, Bardford and even Manny all put the ball in the hole. Trey on the floor with Mosses set the tone in this game. Trey can score he just don’t look for his shot. His defense and passing on offense was a factor. I liked the assist Macon had to Trey at the rim. Trey has good soft hands for a big man. We have 7 players that could be in double figures in scoring on any given night.