Everyone Calm The Heck Down!

I am weary of reading all this negativity this past 24 hours on here! As true Hog fans, we are supposed to be better than this as fans and support whoever we hire.

All the passion I read on here reminds me that the Razorbacks will rise again. Our fans and people are too proud and still support the Hogs, and we won’t be down long!

Those of you that are ready to give up on Razorback football, hang in there. It will get better…Lord knows it can’t get any worse lol! Step back from the ledge and let this play out this weekend. Have a little faith in our AD.

Don’t threaten to cancel season tickets or “be done”…we are better than that! WPS!

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I really hate when people say that. That’s what was said when we fired Bret. And like him or not Morris won 4 games. It can get worse (not saying it will), but please don’t jinx us

Generally a pretty positive thinker, but believers in the can’t get any worse mentality, only have to go back to the middle of this year’s football season to see than it can get worse! That being said, let’s hope for a early Christmas present with our new football coach.

After we hired a 14-22 fraud from Dallas I heard the same thing - “support whoever we hire” and I did against my better judgement with season tickets, increased donations, etc.

Sorry bud - the administration has not earned that type of blind loyalty and unquestioning devotion. In fact quite the opposite.

Because of their incompetence we sank in to a deep hole because a drunk was allowed to run the program in to the ground and was then replaced by an Aggie charlatan with a losing record that threw dirt in to the grave that Bert dug for us.

So after 8 years of a steady diet of Bert and Chaggie s!@$ sandwiches we are now on the verge of handing the reins over to either a career TE coach or a 60 year old OL coach and we are supposed to like it, support it, and by God keep financing it?

Not no but Hell no is my answer if Barry Lunney or Sam Pittman are named HC.

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in all fairness, how does it get worse, we eeked out wins over portland state and csu, I mean we might as well have lost them, i would not feel any worse about the season.

If we would have lost to them it would have been worse. 0-24 instead of 4-20

At least 4-20 has a meaning :grin:

worse on the actual scale, but in the general scheme of things, its the same, an inept football program.

Don’t disagree, both are bad